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Marisa Miller

bar none

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Well, since we're all posting VS pics, I'll post these oldies from some show that took place a year ago back when Marisa was still in her late 20's (oh no, I di'nt!). Strength beyond strength and 100% reposts.

Click on the thumbnail to view the 1080i High Def screencap!

30864111.460f4a.jpg 30864113.64d960.jpg

30864115.c2adc1.jpg 30864117.57b3dd.jpg

30864120.765ac2.jpg 30864124.d4dbd3.jpg

30864125.8ea25b.jpg 30864130.8b4b65.jpg

30864131.a480eb.jpg 30864134.b3f4b7.jpg

30864132.90aa82.jpg 30864136.38cea6.jpg

30864139.87116c.jpg 30864141.350193.jpg

30864143.72fc41.jpg 30864145.bdc2c4.jpg

30864148.0d0dbe.jpg 30864151.3cb30e.jpg

I guess that's Marisa's catwalk trademark move: right hand brushing through her hair. Hey, she even does it in the Complex photos, so its gotta be her trademark move.


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