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Various photos of Marisa doing promotion for R.I.P.D.


Young Hollywood

NFL Network



ESPY Awards


All from twitter.com/marisamiller

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So let me get this straight, Chrissy Teigen gets to go onstage and hog the spotlight in her puke-yellow dress at the ESPY Awards and then Kevin Bacon is the one to go onstage and represent for "RIPD"? Why the Hell would Spikey attend this goddamned awards show if she wasn't going to be doing anything??


In case u missed it (and I'm very fuckin' sure u did), Spikey sat a few seats behind Diddy. Here's the proof:





Good job, Cartel! Great use of an ESPY invitation!



Credit goes to my HD device for withstanding 3 hours of this CRAP. Boy, am I a cranky bitch!

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^ Thanks!



Thank you fellow Marisa Militia Member :hug: BTW, Nice to see you around again :flower:


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Marisa Miller hits the big screen Marisa Miller discusses her new film RIPD, her favorite SI Swimsuit shoots and the famous iPod picture

Alumni, Photos, Q&A


By Andy Gray


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Marisa Miller, who appeared in seven SI Swimsuit issues (2002-08) including the 2008 cover, is set to make her big screen debut in RIPD, which opens July 19th. The film also stars Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon and Mary Louise-Parker. SwimDaily spoke with Marisa about her movie debut, transitioning from modeling to acting and the famous iPod picture.


SwimDaily: So tell me how the movie came about.


Marisa Miller: I’d been asked to come in and read for things here and there but I knew it was definitely a transition from modeling and I wanted to give it my full attention. I was sent this script and all I heard was that I basically had to embody Jeff Bridges, which to me sounded pretty far off and really complicated. But when I read the script and I got the humor, I thought it was really, really funny. I could see Ryan Reynolds‘ and Jeff Bridges‘ dynamic throughout and how funny it would be. Then I was thinking, ‘this is one role I’m dying to play.’ When I went in to read, it felt really natural and I’m happy it did because it can be intimidating doing your first movie with a cast like this. I was really lucky that the material was so fun.


SD: Were you a Big Lebowski fan?


MM: Oh yeah. Who isn’t? One of the things I did when I was getting ready for the role is that I watched The Big Lebowski and True Grit for three days. I really tried to immerse myself in Jeff Bridges. The character is a cowboy so True Grit was pretty close to that.


SD: I see Kevin Bacon is in the movie as well. What is your favorite Kevin Bacon movie?


MM: Honestly, I think I was more intimidating to meet him because he’s such a pro and I’m a huge fan of his. He’s been in so many movies it’s hard to pick. He was in A Few Good Men which is a great movie. He’s an incredible actor.


SD: What about Footloose?


MM: I still haven’t seen that movie!


SD: Was acting a tough transition from modeling?


MM: It’s good that I had the swimsuit experience because I wasn’t nervous in front of the camera but there’s a lot going on while you’re acting and you kind of want to forget the camera is there. With this role too, there’s a lot of action involved and i’m pretty athletic so it was fun to play on one of my strengths and get to do my own stunts because that was a huge part of the role. That part was really fun and allowed me to use that side of myself and do some of the action.


SD: Do you have a favorite all-time movie.


MM: I was just talking to my husband about this. I think I’ve seen Erin Brokovich more than any other movie. That and The Break Up with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. I love that movie, too.


SD: Would you say you were more nervous on your first day shooting SI Swimsuit or shooting the film?


MM: Wow. Honestly, I’d say SI Swimsuit because that was at the very beginning of my career and I was still such a tomboy. Being in front of the camera, being in a bathing suit was all new to me. I was definitely not a girly-girl so the process was a huge stretch from my personality. I was a really shy girl back then.


SD: When you look back at Swimsuit, do any specific shoots or photos come to mind?


MM: I have so many great memories shooting for Sports Illustrated and there were so many unique shoots we did. The one shoot that was probably my favorite was the Iowa shoot because it was so fun and it was the All-American issue. It was all shot in America and way different than going to the beach so that issue was pretty special to me. And when they invited me to do the 50th annual of just Sports Illustrated and I got to recreate some of those iconic images of Christie Brinkley and Heidi Klum and even Tyra [banks]. I had to recreate one of her pictures.


SD: The photo I get asked about most is the iPod one. Where does that rank?


MM: You know what’s funny is that’s the great thing when you’re shooting — you don’t really know what will be “the shot” that will make it in the magazine and everyone will love. When we were shooting the iPod it was really quick and one of those things where we were like, “Is this going to look weird? Is it going to be silly? is it going to look great?” We had no idea but we went for it. We probably only shot it for five minutes and I didn’t really think about it until I saw that it opened the music issue. Then I called my dad and said, “Hey, can you sorta skip the beginning and go right into the middle.”


SD: What are you plans for the near future?


MM: I had a baby in December so i had some reshoots for the movie right after he was born. This is my first thing back from baby is doing press for movie and I’m excited for what’s to come after this.

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Q&A: Marisa Miller on R.I.P.D., Playing Jeff Bridges, and Being a Sexy Mom

Supermodel Marisa Miller has posed as an Angel for Victoria's Secret and a pirate for Captain Morgan's rum. You can now add Jeff Bridges to the list. She plays The Dude's avatar in R.I.P.D. (out this weekend), her first movie role. The Sports Illustrated cover star and new mom briefed us on her costar's familiarity with her career, taking on stunts, and reviewing her work with her dad.

ESQUIRE.COM: R.I.P.D. is your first movie. It's got to be kind of a big deal for you, right?

MARISA MILLER: Yeah. I still can't believe that my first film is with such a great cast. I'm really, really excited to see it.

ESQ: You're essentially playing Jeff Bridges?

MM: Right. So, Jeff and Ryan Reynolds play cops of the underworld, so they're like ghost cops. When they're on earth people see their disguises, their avatars. I play Jeff. So instead of seeing him, you'd see me. That's where a lot of the humor in the movie comes from. It was pretty cool for me, it being my first film and being able to watch an actor like him work. A lot of it involved him doing a scene, me watching his mannerisms and the cadence in his voice, and then I'd have to step in and do the same thing. That's really intimidating when it's Jeff Bridges.

ESQ: He's a pretty unique individual. How do you even begin to mimic him?

MM: I know. It sounds really funny. But for whatever reason I really got the humor doing this movie. You had to really just go for it 100 percent. If you didn't jump right into it and go all the way, you would look silly.

ESQ: And who's the guy who's Ryan Reynolds's counterpart that you pal around with?

MM: Oh! Grandpa Chen is his character's name. It's fun seeing this kind of vamped-up version of a sexy woman and then an old Chinese guy. Us being partners was just visually funny. James Hong, he's been an actor forever. It was really cool to have him as my partner on set, because he's just a pro and he knows what he's doing. I really relied on him when we'd do scenes together. We'd just bounce stuff off of each other and he was a really great support to have.

ESQ: That's lucky to come in and have these veterans almost hold your hand through it your first time acting. Can't hurt.

MM: Absolutely.

ESQ: Were you much of a fan of Jeff Bridges before you started working with him?

MM: Oh, yeah. Who isn't a fan of Jeff Bridges? And he is such a unique character. I can't think of anybody who's quite like him. He was a lot of fun to be around, just personally.

ESQ: He's kind of a beach laid-back guy, and you kind of have that persona as well. Did you two bond at all?

MM: Definitely. He has that vibe of being super laid-back. Music is his passion. I'd get my hair and makeup done sitting next to him every morning, and he'd always have something cool playing in the trailer. It was just very, very easy to be around him.

ESQ: Do you think he was familiar with your work at all, as you were with his?

MM: I never want to know that. I did not ask him. But I was watching the HBO First Look, like the behind-the-scenes of the movie a couple days ago, and he did kind of say, "Marisa Miller," with a little wink. So. I was like, "Oh, no!" Kind of embarrassed me but yeah.

ESQ: You're doing a good amount of stunt work in this movie. Don't you get hit by a bus?

MM: It was actually a huge blessing that I got to do some of my stunts, because I'm really athletic. For that to be one of my strengths and be able to add to my character in that way, that was really helpful because it kind of made me just a little bit more confident in the role. I mean, obviously this was on a whole other level, but it was just fun. I got to be strung up on wires and go flying through the sky.

ESQ: Don't you have to be careful about getting beat up, though?

MM: Yeah. Definitely. It was actually funny how it evolved with the bus scene because, originally, I wasn't supposed to do it. Then, all of a sudden, they were like, "Hey, so you're game to do the stunt tonight?" And I hadn't heard what I was doing. But my management knows I'm crazy like that and that I ride motorcycles and I'm game. So they went ahead and said, "Yeah, she'll totally do it." But I didn't know what I was doing. The whole time leading up to the shoot, every single person that I ran into was like, "You're so brave for doing this. Thanks so much." And I was like, "What am I doing? What is this? Everyone's thanking me for being brave." What am I doing? My stunt double, she was just awesome and broke down everything for me. I think ignorance is bliss in this situation, because it is so mental and if you freak yourself out, you're gonna freak out. It was really important to just relax and pay attention to what she was telling me to do. I'm hooked up in the harness and my outfit is ridiculous to do stunts in. I'm in heels and a little dress and big hoop earrings and a push-up bra. It's the most uncomfortable thing you could be in. And she's telling me, "Make sure that when you hit the windshield you put your hands in front of your face. Because your face will hit the windshield." And I was like, "Well I hope that's a natural reaction that I'd put my hands in front of my face."

ESQ: What, you're gonna keep them at your sides the whole time?

MM: Exactly. So, she was kind of reminding me that this was real and even though everyone's got your back, at the end of the day, you got to put your hands in front of your face. That was kind of the moment where I was like, "Oh, yeah. Okay. Pay attention."

ESQ: Didn't you have a kid during filming?

MM: I shot the movie before I got pregnant and then I did some of the reshoots six weeks after I had Gavin.

ESQ: That's got to be crazy to come back.

MM: It was pretty nuts. It was like, I could either do it when I was nine months pregnant or after. [Laughs.]

ESQ: And how's it going, being a mom?

MM: Oh, it's awesome. I love it. My son, he's almost seven months now, so he's laughing and smiling and it's just the best thing ever. It's so exhausting. It's all those things you hear. It's the hardest thing you'll do, it's the best thing you'll do. That's exactly what it is. I think the hardest thing at this point is just the sleep deprivation. But being a mom and raising him is the best thing ever.

ESQ: You probably get this a lot, but do you ever think about as he grows up and seeing some of the work you've done? Has that crossed your mind yet?

MM: Oh, totally. And it will definitely play a role in what I do in the future. Or what I won't do.

ESQ: So we're going to be seeing a little more of the conservative side of Marisa Miller?

MM: Well, it will evolve a little I think. I mean, I have a close relationship with my dad and, you know, you have to laugh through things. I mean there were a lot of times when, like, Sports Illustrated would come out. My dad would talk about it for two seconds. He'd be like, "You look great, hon." Then we'd move on to what's next.

ESQ: It's gotta be awkward.

MM: Super-awkward, but at the same time we just laughed about it and moved on. I think he comes at it from the perspective that I was very athletic in high school and I've always been like a healthy person. So that's always the angle: "Looking healthy!"

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HuffPost Live: Model & Actress Marisa Miller LIVE
Sports Illustrated & Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller joins Jacob in studio to discuss her upcoming action comedy feature "R.I.P.D.", co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.
VIDEO: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/marisa-miller-model-actress-/51dd97acfe344471690001f9
Snippet from video above:

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On Access Hollywood
At ESPY's with Colin Kaepernick
On The Tonight Show
(I will have the video of this up soon smily%20new%20one.gif)


Getting up at 4:30am is easy when you have the amazing Terri Apanasewicz!


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