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Sasha Pivovarova


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Armani Bronze 2008


this is an abso stunning pic of her :wub:

about linda 'the botox' lady lol getting prada

its hard for me, i dont like alot of the new girls, sasha is one of the new girls i really like

and i love her in prada ads

but linda is a living legend, and ive adored her since i was 13 yrs old

linda may not be as relevant to you younger kids, but maybe they wanted her

because she kind of bridges the gap between the whole supermodels of yesteryear

and whats going on now :idk:

so like layla says, shell def. still be getting kick ass campaigns

layla, what did you think of balenciaga's silhouettes last season

there was something 'off' about them, imo

so if she gets balenciaga, i hope the designs are better :whistle:

Gorgeous prada ad, francy--btw!! :heart:

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fabulous at the gala! just fabulous!!! ... but shes looking a little vodianova in hiding that baby bump!

Layla!!!! sasha's eggo MIGHT be preggo!!!

if she is! im super happy for her!!!


Do you really think so?

I don't think she looked VERY good, I think that this kind of dresses doesn't look really good on flat girls.

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hahahahaah! :rofl: she looks scared! hahahaha!

i went to the prada store on rodeo and no pictures of sasha anywhere! but the prada store was just amazing! JUST amazing!!! i have to say that the visit to the store was lifechanging!!! :rofl: :rofl:

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