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Rumor has it...

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Rumor has it the real meaning behind the name Pink Couture is this:

PINK: Our PC was originally meant to be the original spokesmodel for VS Pink prior to Ale

Couture: She is the archetype model who can do any fashion show

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Joe: LOL...well I am the original VSAngel. :laugh: That was my username on ChilaX :p And I was ranked #53 out 3600 in the whole company last quarter. If I didn't leave my job, I would have been Platinum (what the company calls an"Angel of Excellence") for the year---Top 100!!! But the environment was getting too toxic and it was affecting my health :/ And I have worked w/ the Creator of PINK. His name is Jerry. A very sweet guy. As for the VSFS, we won't discuss it *breathe* :cain:

Sorry for my rant. Anyways...

Rumor has it JK will help me fulfill my dreams of working at Home Office :heart:

Rumor has it controversiaster likes stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

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i meant any fashion show (Lenny, Rosa Cha, Armani, etc) not just vsfs. don't worry ;)

Rumor has it Donald Trump owes PC a favor

Rumor has it Helen is finally back from a secret mission to find the secret ingredient in a secret food. ... secret

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