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:::Bellazon::: This is how you make a cup of tea

come on yaar

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to do it proper you need a tea pot. without a tea pot it's nuffin' :whistle:

I'm a college student and thus not having any time to wait for the kettle to heat up. And i dont own a kettle...

:blush: :blush:

if not a kettle then at least invest in a teapot and put your hot water an teabags in there. not only for novelty value but because i reckon that you get better tea from it ;) aren't kettles real cheap though? :idk: . . .

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actually to be honest the last time i did anything remotely scientific was probably year 10, i dropped it like acid after that. i just learnt that cute little piece of info off discovery channel

At least "dropping acid" sounds a bit like science too. And based on some of your posts I'd say you're the acid dropping kind of llama :p

My tea: Boil a liter of water (two pints I guess, since tea is so British). Throw a a big table spoon of Earl Grey tea leaves in filter. Place filter in tea pot. Add boiling water. Leave for 3

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I like all types of tea! Did you know that in large doses some tea can have effects comprable to illegal drugs?

Oolong tea is really good, mellow. I also like Early grey, with a touch of lemon, and honey. Uh... Green tea is good, and very good for you. I also like regular teas like lipton and crap like that. Tea rules.

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