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Grey's Anatomy


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OHHH NO :( I loved Denny so much :heart: I love Christina and i like Burke sometimes. But I HATE them together. :laugh: That doctor grabbing Christina's ass was awesome. I really hope they don't get married. It's unfair to get married to a person just because it would make the person happy, she should want to get married. :(

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oh man, i shouldn't have read this thread before seeing the latest episode. IZZIE AND GEORGE, SERIOUSLY?? i'mma have to download it now.

the one reason i didn't want meredith to die was because i figured they'd just keep her narrating it, then it would totally be a desperate housewives rip-off. other than that, i'm not fussed about meredith. she's too whiney. george and izzie are my favourite characters. mcdreamy annoys me too, him and meredith are perfect for each other in that respect. :rofl:

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