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Supermodels talking about eating food_World Fashion Tv

Models in this video are: Michelle Alves, Karolina Kurkova, Elise Crombez, Frankie Rayder, Anne Vyalitsyna, Adina Fohnin, Amanda Moore and Sara Ziff






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Michelle Alves_Swimsuit_04B.jpg


full size


Here's a composite I made from photos I picked-up at First View.com.

Michelle is a favourite and I have her in as many of my video clips

as can be. Michelle is also in my Rosa Cha swimwear video and she's lovely :)

fuu-vol1-32_Rosa Cha-s2005NY_9min.avi


I've over 200 hi-Q 704 x 528 designer runway show videos free for the taking.


~ ~ ~

And dream...dream...you have to dream, and if you do, you

do not get older. -Emanuel Ungaro

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Born: September 19, 1978

That's a good day to be born :laugh: !!!

yes it is.... well... not the year LOL

OMG you too!!! I was born in 1990 though, not 1978.

lol, yeah, that's pretty unusual, but i always make fun of september people b/c you know that all that it really means is that nine months earlier our parents had one helluva new year's! :laugh:

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