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Lily Aldridge


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I dont know is it new 



Definitely new! Q&a with lily 


And I checked out Bulgari website and there is a new serpenti collection but unfortunetely, without new photoshoot with Lily:(


Ps: love her interview about bulgari dangerous woman too :)


she is keeping on working on her first perfume line!




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4 hours ago, m86fc said:



At the end of this website you can find new (as I supposed) bulgari commercial. If anybody has any idea how to copy it here please tell me because I gave up trying.

The first video was shot by solve sundsbo almost 2 years ago but recently released for the arabia market due to their conservative culture.


The second video is just a snippet of the bts shot by mario sorrenti and she was pregnant on the shoot in rome last year, there's was a body double.

I believe the full campaign is not yet released.




Screenshot_20190701-233438_mh1563233777216.jpg Screenshot_20190701-234730_mh1563233732087.jpg

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She is visiting Nyc right now (dunno what for) with some military uniform on. Actually it's a little bit unexpected to see her like this. Btw, the second picture shows sth completely different. She looks like little princess



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