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18 Delia*s Models


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18 Delia*s models who, oddly enough, I can't seem to recognize. I have more than one picture of all of them, so if you need another picture for reference, just let me know and I'll give it to you. Thanks so, so much in advance! :wub:

P.S. Delia*s gets a majority of their models from Wilhelmina and Ford models, and most of their models come from Miami based agencies.

1. post-36965-0-1445977127-60772_thumb.jpg

2. post-36965-0-1445977127-62561_thumb.jpg

3. post-36965-0-1445977127-64008_thumb.jpg

4. post-36965-0-1445977127-64764_thumb.jpg

8. post-36965-0-1445977127-65504_thumb.jpg

9. post-36965-0-1445977127-66261_thumb.jpg

12. post-36965-0-1445977127-67001_thumb.jpg

14. post-36965-0-1445977127-68095_thumb.jpg

Already Id'ed:

5. Shanina Shaik. / 6. Alexandra Collins with MC2 Models Miami. / 7. Beatrice Fontoura. / 10. Mariah Watchman with Wilhelmina Miami.

post-36965-0-1445977127-68838_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-69551_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-70311_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-71033_thumb.jpg

11. Logan Stanton with Wilhemina Miami. / 13. Mick Szal with Wilhelmina. / 15. Brittany Depriest with Next Models. / 16. Erin Kirstein with Ford Models.

post-36965-0-1445977127-71741_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-7249_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-73601_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-74303_thumb.jpg

17. Katie Scarlett Neff with Wilhelmina Miami. / 18. Lauren Layne with Click Models.

post-36965-0-1445977127-74933_thumb.jpg post-36965-0-1445977127-78438_thumb.jpg

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Its hard to identify these models unless you have access to Ford or Wilhelmina. I don't understand why American agencies require passwords. I can't think of any agencies that aren't open to the public in London. All Ford and Wilhelmina are doing is stopping from this models from being known. Models with agencies that give public access to pictures and information regarding their models become more popular. We live in a digital age. Ford and Wilhelmina need to step it up. Ladies if your signed to these agencies make sure you have a website or atleast have a myspace page with your agency and pics.

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I want to know who #13 is too. She's also done JC Penney. Here's a couple pics:


By the way, I completely agree with the last post. It makes no sense for agencies to restrict access to their websites.

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^ No luck either, on this end, unfortunately.

^^ Thanks for the last name, GJB! :hug:

And I'm like 99.999999999% sure that 7 is Beatrice Fontoura. Their faces are exactly alike. Anyone wanna second me on that?


You might be right there, I tried to zoom in on both faces and I think I see a black beauty mark on their chek, just barley above the line caused by her smile on the left side of her face (her right side, left side to us) and also another one on her neck
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