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Who are these models?


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These girls aren't fashion models. Maybe a few could be commercial models. They are probably all are glamour models which means they might not even have a proper agency so identifying them is going to be difficult. Try Skins.be or more male orientated sites. Perhaps someone there could identify them.

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Pls very need to find them. I find few information.

1 girl - from Milena bielizna

2 girl - from catalog Mat (polish bielizna)

3 girl - from Kaie bielizna

They are all local polish Models.

The Polish advertising industry works a lot with locals to keep costs down.

Poland is growing fast in the fashion business and the competition with the old countries

France and Italy is heavy.

Besides that, they have a huge resource of young women,

- rating from looking average to extremely good -

that want to earn an extra penny as a model.

It is also long known, that the average polish woman has the right measurements for a model.

approx 175 cm 90-60-90.

All the rest does make-up and Photoshop.

If you want to find out, try learning Polish, so you can check the polish fashion scene on the internet.

Until then, I am afraid it will be hard to find out.



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These are glamour models (or erotic model agencies) not fashion models. In top fashion markets, most glamour models aren't represented by agencies. The only country that I know of that has gllamour model agencies is England. There are a ton actually. You can look through them hoping to find them but I warn you most glamour models aren't international meaning they only model in the country they are from. In the US, there aren't glamour model agencies. Models have to network or join commercial agencies hoping they can get enough commercial work to stay with them.

London Agencies:

Samantha Bond



Mackenzie Models

Girl Management



Neon Management

Pout models


more here:



Bingo Models



Other Places


maybe these mdoesl are successful enough to model in other countries

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