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Heidi Klum Bikini Body: "Project Runway" Star Still Stunning After Four Kids

(CBS) Heidi Klum may have traded the runway for a gig on the hit TV show "Project Runway," but not because she's lost her looks.

Far from it.

At the age of 37 and after having four children, she's still fit enough to look great in a skimpy stapless bikini. She proved that to the world after being photographed while cavorting on a yacht in the Meditarranean with her kids and her singer-superstar husband, Seal.

The photos, published in the Daily Mail, surfaced not long after Entertainment Weekly ran equally flattering photos showing Klum in a bikini seven months after giving birth to her youngest daughter, Lou.

What's Heidi's secret?

One secret may the help she gets from her fitness trainer.

David Kirsch, a trainer who helped Heidi get back in shape after giving birth, says the key to getting back in shape after being pregnant is to get in great shape before getting pregnant.

"Being pregnant is not license to forget all the rules that you abide by when you're not pregnant," he told Shape magazine. Moving your body, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and eating proper foods throughout the day are even more important when you're pregnant."

Looks like Heidi is following his advice.


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Heidi Klum: `my kids eat what I eat`

Project Runway host Heidi Klum said she doesn't make baby food as her kids eat what she eats.

The 37-year-old star has four kids with husband Seal, and her youngest child, daughter Lou, is just 10 months old.

Klum said she uses the Magic Bullet blender to churn up food for her baby daughter.

She said to UsMagazine.com: 'When the baby has baby food I usually give them exactly what we eat, but I put it in the Magic Bullet. I don't make special baby food, so I love that. I love the Magic Bullet! It's very easy.'

Asked what they like to eat, the mum-of-four said: 'They love spaghetti and meatballs, chicken soup, schnitzel and kale. They love everything! They eat healthy


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