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Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum: Sexy in Wax

Posted January 25th, 2010

She’s one of the best-known supermodels in all the world, and earlier today (January 25) Heidi Klum was spotted checking herself out.

A wax figure of herself, that is - the “Project Runway” babe looked impressed with the wax statue made in her likeness at Madame Tussaud’s in Berlin, Germany.

No image tags, but I hope that soon will appear in better quality and clean.

266294_316d167fb61f4a1d55d3a50eada94d3a.jpg 266295_19a7eb77e1563b59bf8beb3b00a4e033.jpg 266296_afc22d2e411bcc81694e65880771845c.jpg 266297_288b0b467b38a408bc0a665dc518c7c0.jpg 266298_453ea508ca4e5636a5bf63f6a2a6d695.jpg 266299_30dc72225059111c5f76d1b2838fba1d.jpg 266300_b84ad4a2538a1a31a7a8b72b99fdae3a.jpg

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What does she way for us non german speaking folks?

The beginning is a clip from a show similar to Saturday Night Live or MADtv, where the actress, Martina, is playing Heidi on GNTM, saying "no" to every request, no matter how trivial (mostly about "what foods can I eat?"), to the contestant. Then they bring out Heidi to meet Martina, the "fake Heidi". Then Heidi plays along by talking in Martina's parody voice. She exchanges greetings with Martina. Heidi says hello to everyone at the table and then says, "I brought something for the show", which is the pair of high heels. Heidi says something about the shoes and why she brought them, but Martina interrupts with her "Heidi laugh", so I don't really know what she says. Then the host, Thomas Gottschalk asks a question for Oliver (the guy at the end of the couch) and the video cuts off.

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