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ez_c Thanx!!!

Anyone known, when Esquire with Heidi will be? I can't wait!

If you live in England, the issue is already out, and will soon be replaced with the December issue.

My local store didn't get the October issue of British Esquire until two weeks ago, so it will be another two weeks until they get the November issue (that Heidi is in).

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Taft official magazine "For YOU"

604216_377f5d04.jpg 604217_33a49ab.jpg

Translation of this article MjAtaura posted:

Heidi Klum Skin Close

She is one of the most beloved personalities in Germany, her life seems to have become a true fairy tale, and with her charisma and power, she is a role model for many women. Heidi Klum tells FOR YOU her philosophy for success.

Ms. Klum, your name stands for a show-business career "made in Germany". What is your formula for success?

I believe, first and foremost, it is important that one should have fun in this job, but at the same time you should remain professional. That means discipline and the heart to train like a swine! That is the same no matter what time of day, under what circumstances and with whom you work: be in a good mood or at least do not give it away when you are not. Be punctual, friendly, uncomplicated, but be ready to hold out your elbows. That's what I say from fifteen years in the modeling business.

You are an international media star, a model, commercial icon, TV show host, designer and mother. With all that you do, braving these complexities, how do you find a balance in life?

I've said, I'll only do all of these things as long as I am having fun. Besides, I have the best team standing behind me that one could imagine: my family! They strengthen me in the back and support me very much. When one has such good fortune, so harmonic in life and work, it is astounding how much you can accomplish.

Your body is often the foundation of your job. How much time do you invest in your fitness?

I don't really have a schedule. Being fit comes with a healthy nutrition. Fish, white meat, lots of vegetables and fruit and renouncing carbohydrates. Of course, you sometimes indulge by eating pasta or sweets. Then on the next day, simply go easy on [the snacks]. I find it bad when people in my line of work confuse "being fit" with "being skinny". Only those who have a healthy attitude towards their body can last in this business. I achieve my fitness through jogging, training exercises and a lot of fresh air. Besides, I have three children who keep me fit. That is often just as tiring as a workout with my trainer, David Kirsch, who has looked after me for years.

In which moments of your appointment-filled daily life can you really be yourself?

That happens totally automatic as soon as my man, my children or my parents are with me. That is always taken care of in a family atmosphere in my private life. Sometimes we stay only at home, cook together, listen to music or simply rest. That is totally relaxing for us. I feel it is a pure luxury to have my family around me so often.

What do you look like in private?

Very much unstyled, as you would suppose. I don't put on very much make up in private and rely on styling from my trusty companions like daily creme, lip gloss, hairspray, jeans and a cute top - [and I'm] ready. I am very practical. At photo shoots or official events, I am styled from head to toe, which is naturally beautiful, but in private I am entirely casual.

You are a celebrity in Germany and in the USA and your name in both cultures stands for big success. Is there a typical German look and a typical American look?

I don't think so. I don't strive for either a typical German or American look, I've found my own personal look. I think the important thing is, the fait accompli, the naturalness that I have kept and, in the things that I do, I am authentic and feel comfortable. That is a language that everyone understands.

You live in America and also in Germany. Where do you feel most comfortable?

I feel just as comfortable in Germany as I do in the USA. I am at home in both countries. There is nowhere that I really feel out of place. When I get homesick, I fly back straight away. The long distance flight is very tiring, to be sure, but meanwhile, I already become tired and sleepy as soon as I step on the plane. Then, when the plane lands, I am well-rested!

Would you please tell us one beauty trick?

That is really not so bad. Love takes first place. Whoever loves and is loved, radiates happiness and beauty. I don't think that an unsatisfied or unfortunate person can really be beautiful. And when the exterior is right, you need a certain amount of charisma to really be beautiful. A real secret beauty trick, I don't have, but many little everyday things everyone should know. For example, drink a lot. Still water, fresh-squeezed juice, and not so much coffee. A must: get plenty of sleep!

Finally, also one styling tip?

The most important: the styling must hold and the hair must not be "frizzy" and it should shine! Sometimes I style my hair straight and smooth, other times curled. Naturally, it is important to me that my look keeps throughout the day, whether I am at a photo shoot, with my family, or invited to an evening gala. With the new Drei Wetter Taft products "Smooth & Glossy" and "Curlflex" then I am certain that my hair will look the way it should. From morning until night and sometimes even longer!

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BIIIGGG THANX ez_c! You make me really happy.

Host, Model and Mom Heidi Klum for Oprah Show


In YouTube I see some files from this show, but my admins don't make me happy to see this video. But Thanx to Oprah, I can see video on her site, and I really like Heidi's looks, becouse without make-up and after giving birth shee look very fabulos and amazing.

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