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Raquel Zimmermann


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Raquel is in the new US Vogue :clap: - I wish she'd work with Meisel again, his editorial in this issue is absolutely awesome! Raquel please work with Meisel in 2009! :cry2:

One-Piece Wonders

Ph. David Sims

Fashion Editor: Marie Amelie Sauve

Models: Jourdan Dunn, Anna J, Chanel Iman, Raquel Zimmermann, Liya Kebede & Karlie Kloss

New Hugo Boss and Oscar de la Renta:

hugo1nj2.th.jpghugo2eo2.th.jpg rzoscar010901ry8.th.jpg

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Vamp! You're back! and with 2 gorgeous pics in UHQ :woot: Thanks a lot! The MJ ad is soooo beautiful, much better than the first one imo. :yes:

Thank you van-kun for the scan! Is Lily putting horns in Raquel? :rofl:

Vogue US February 2009

Editorial: "One-piece Wonders"

Ph:. David Sims


Scanned by Luxx

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Camilla is heereeeeeee i miss you guys! i was busy turning 20 and writing essays. i like that printemps campaign :wub: shes wearing balmain!

and can i please remind everyone that raquel got SHISEIDO = cosmetics! :clap:

some 2009 raquel wishes.

i wish that raquel works with meisel

i wish that raquel gets lots of vogue covers (VOGUE PARIS CARINE! :rofl:)

i wish that raquel walks some shows for ss 2009

i wish that raquel gets a campaign with inez and vinoodh

i wish that raquel has a new ed.

i wish that raquel uses her blatant fierceness and kicks all these rubbish models like anna s, karlie, toni! etc out of the campaign limelight.

any good? :laugh:

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Congrats on your birthday Camilla! :clap: I can't wait to see that Shiseido campaign, I usually like them. Raquel probably made a lot of money but hopefully she won't work a lot less cause of that.

Good wishes! I agree with all of those, good last one :rofl: I am hoping Raquel is one of the girls on VI march, someone said it features established Marie Amelie Sauve favorites, and Marie Amelie Sauve loves Raquel.

And that VP cover is looooooong overdue! Please Carine please! After that amazing editorial with Testino in August I think she has more chances :)

And she'll probably arrive in Brazil tomorrow! I hope to see some new articles and interviews.

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Raquel walking for Animale :clap:


I saw the show on TV and Raquel looked amazing :drool: And she gave an interview to Mariana Weickert, when she saw Mariana she screamed "Mariii" and she was like really happy to see her, they haven't seen each other in a very long time and Raquel was super nice! :wub: She said she's shooting for Vogue tomorrow, then shooting the Animale campaign for the next 2 days, then she's going to Paris.

Spreading joy, Raquel Zimmermann walks around SPFW.

Top number one of the world, according to Models.com, Raquel Zimmermann is at SPFW to walk exclusively for Animale. “It's a big pleasure to come back to Brazil”, she said in the crowded backstage. Raquel was wearing a shirt with Barack Obama's face and a purse given to her as a gift from the top designer Karl Lagerfeld. Very friendly, she posed and smiled for the photographers. Unlikely Agyness Deyn…

In the backstage, the top showed simplicity. When asked about the effects the number one spot at Models.com had on her life, she said: “Personally, it didn't change anything. Professionally, I've been working like crazy”. This wednesday's fashion show at SPFW is her eightth season with Animale. Besides that, Raquel recently closed a deal with the japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido. “They went to New York looking for an asian looking girl. I don't have anything asian, but they wanted to hire me anyway”, she told, her fist time in a cosmetics campaign.


Surrounded by reporters, pressioned by her agent - that wanted to start the make-up so the show wouldn't be late -, Raquel wasn't worried. She told she loves barbecue, that she loves walking in Brazil because she gets to see all of her friends and that she always gets nervous before walking the runways here. “I thought it wouldn't happen because I'm used to do it, but I'm from here, right?”, she justified.

Her recipe to become a successfull model is simple: “You gotta have discipline and take the job seriously. A model's life is not a party. You gotta be professional, arrive on time”. When asked what did she miss, Raquel didn't think twice. “I'd like to spend more time with my family, but I can't. I arrived today, I walk the show, the next days I'll be shooting and then I leave”, she said. Saturday night she goes to Paris, where she'll be in a photoshoot. She'll also walk the couture week, that goes from january 26th to 29th.

Raquel Zimmermann just arrived at SPFW, where she walks later for Animale. Wearing black jeans, a Obama shirt and a leather jacket, the top received Chic for an interview in her exclusive dressing room, before she started her make-up. Take a look:

Today Agyness Deyn was here and the press was mad at her because she didn't say a word. What do you think about people always wanting to know your point of view?

I think it's great. I'm honored to know there are people wanting to know what I think about things. The models' fame is so bad, and because of that it's good that we can express, and show what we have to say. (Great answer! )

What comes next, when the modelling career ends?

I want to study arts and travel a lot. I've always been interested in arts in general, so I intend to learn more about that, take a lot of courses and go to museums all over the world.

Could you describe in one word these five important names in the fashion industry, who you work with all the time?

Of course!

Terry Richardson: “ousado” - (I don't know the word for this in english, but it means someone who is not affraid of doing new things)

Carine Roitfeld: "suuuuper chic"

Karl Lagerfeld: “intelectual”

The team of photographers Inez & Vinoodh: "super criative"

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Her Obama shirt :p


When all the journalists thought Raquel Zimmermann would dissapear after walking the Animale show – like the british Agyness Deyn did this wednesday (21) – the top number 1 of the world appeared at SPFW's press room willing to answer all the questions.

Mixing words of portuguese and english, the blonde talks about her models.com title, about Barack Obama, and about how normal it is to show brests on the runway. Take a look:

What do you think of the collection of the brand you just walked for?

I think the show was absolutely amazing, it's great when a brand knows how to promote the combination of a good collection, perfect soundtrack and good models on the runway. I loved to ran into some old friends like Mari Weickert, and Giane Albertoni. I really like fashion that like to dare.

How do you feel about wearing see-through outfits?

For me this is totally normal. I go to french beaches and it's normal to go topless. People think that's so weird in Brasil... Maybe the brazilians are more conservative.

You've been living in New York for over ten years and you're wearing a Obama shirt. Do you think he's the solution to the american crisis?

I really liked his speech. It was very realistic. He made it clear it's going to take a while to fix things on the country, after all it's a big crisis. But I'm optimistic. Unfortunately I couldn't vote because I'm not american... I would have liked to participate in a such a historic moment.

Did you watch any shows here at SPFW?

I heard about Ronaldo Fraga's show and I thought it was amazing. It was inovating to put the elderly and the children on the runway. After all, fashion is not made only for thin and tall women.

How is it like to be no1? Are you compared to Gisele B

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i can't believe shes wearing an obama shirt!

it still surprises me that the rest of the world are so in tune with what is happening in america! its amazing!!! ...while the rest of the world was watching CNN... america was watching american idol!

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