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Raquel Zimmermann


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Thank you VampireHorde!

Camilla, you're such a good wisher! :rofl: A VP ed styled by Carine means she actually has a chance for the cover now :woot:

And I'm loving her new eds! They're so different, as you said at tfs I'm wondering if Raquel got a new booker considering it's been quite a while since Louie left DNA...

4000 posts! :clap:

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Oh yeah, when I read I just thought Linda was with Louie but I don't think she is. And here's more:

V #54 (July/August) 2008

Editorial: "Powerhouse - DNA"

Ph:. Sebastian Faena


And two pics I found, the 1st one is really weird, what did they do to Raquel's face? :| I think I've seen the other before but I have no idea where.

001zf4.th.png 002na8.th.png

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Vogue Paris August 2008

2. Reality Show (Preview)

Photographer : Mario Testino

Fashion Editor : Carine Roitfeld

Model : Raquel Zimmermann

Scanned by Dieselmax

post-15738-0-1446021117-31908_thumb.jpg th_64796_img231dn1_122_18lo.jpg

aaaaaaaaaaahahahhhaahahaahah!!! i love it!!!! read between the lines bitch! hahahahah!

but omg!!! i hope she doesnt get hounded by those dumb ass peta people who take everything so literally! omg!!! i would hate for raquel to be doused with a bucket of red paint after a shoot or a show! this is the only reason why i hate peta!

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