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Raquel Zimmermann


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^ i am not in a coma! :rofl: i thought i would be but i sobered up a bit before bed as my friend was sick on me :rofl:

anyway i translated.

i will translate those articles as promised thiago


It was with the visual of a rocker that the top number 1 of the world, Raquel Zimmermann, arrived backstage of the Animale show on this third day of São Paulo Fashion Week. All in black, she dressed in a leather jacket, a present from Gucci, and a Chanel purse given to her by Karl Lagerfeld - pieces that contrasted with her motorcycle boots already a little expenses. The model, that in this edition of the event parades again for the label, related that she has a special affection for the designers Marta Ciribelli and Priscilla Darolt.

"Animale has supported me since the beginning of my career, when I still didn't work so much", she recounted. Outside of the country, she considers her "godfather" the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, with who traveled recently to Rome, for the last campaign for Fendi. "He is very generous and it is always interesting work with him. In that journey to Italy, Lagerfeld took me to the best restaurants and spoke the whole time about history and art. He is an intelligent and very cultured person", she said.

The top also remembered the day of work that passed with the director David Lynch, to record a commercial for Gucci perfume. Raquel was reading the director's new book when she was called for the film. "He comes to Brazil in August to launch the book, that is about meditation", she explains. Already the model has to go back to New York in the next few days, where she lives trying insert in the diary fmeetings with friends. "What has stayed more difficult after the work increased was stayed far from the family. I only see them at Christmas", she whines.



Hello Chics! I finished leaving of the dressing room of Animale, where I conversed with Raquel Zimmermann. The top model, the present number 1 of the world and one of the preferred people of the photographers Inez & Vinoodh, is pretty. She arrived from new york accompanied by her husband and photographer, Ruy Sanchez Blanco. Raquel spoke that the life is running: "Never I imagined that everything that is going to happen with me. Be careful with your dreams because they can happen!", joked the blonde.

Tomorrow morning tohe top is going to photograph the Animale summer campaign, for the fifth time. Henrique Gendre will do the photography, he is also an old collaborator of the label. After her works with Animale, she has to run back to new york, but she was unable to speak about future works.


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I was chosen as the nº 1 of the world because I carried out good work", the top model says toLívia Souza Straight of São Paulo

For Raquel Zimmermann it is not a weight to be considered the number 1 model of the world - a position that she leads on the ranking of the site models.com. "I was chosen to number 1 of the world because I carried out good work with great professionals and it is that, that I continue doing. The position was conquered due to the consequences of my work. Therefore, nothing for has changed for me", she said backstage at Animale, the designers which she parades with exclusiveness in the SPFW.

Second to the model the number 1 of the fashion is the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, that died recently. In the present time, Raquel chose Karl Lagerfeld as the best designer for his work. "He is very cultured, generous, he is a godfather", said.

Already in Brazil, she clearly states her connection with Animale. "The label has supported me even before I have had so many important international works", she explained. What helps still more in the union of the design with the top are the pieces in leather that always are part of the collections. "The best leather jackets are Animale", she states.

By the way, the piece is important to Raquel - today she used a black Gucci jacket. "My style is rock musician, I worship jackets, motorcycle boots", defined.

Beyond her dress sense following the rock tendencies, to top related that she plays guitar and has a huge list of favourites, including Led Zeppelin and Metallica.

Another hobby for Raquel is surfing. "I amuse myself a lot learning how to surf", counted. And for her, a perfect place for rest is the beaches of the Pacific.

After the last parade on the third day of fashion week, the top will return to new york where she already has a commitment scheduled. "I am going to photograph for Vogue", she said

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The video couldn't be uploaded on youtube because of the video format :( If anyone else can upload it on youtube, it would be appreciatted :flower:

Here's the link to it: Here

And the translation:

Reporter: Guys, you don't know, I'm feeling awesome because I'm simply alone backstage with Raquel Zimmermann. Is everything good sweety? Raquel is the top of the tops. Don't tell anyone but she's my favorite. What's up sweety, how are you?

Raquel: Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here alone with you.

Reporter: So, one more time at Animale?

Raquel: Yeah.

Reporter: How many campaigns have you done?

Raquel: I think it's the fifth time, right?

Reporter: Fifth time?

Raquel: Yeah, I adore Animale, it's a very faithful client and the brand is growing, the fashion is more elaborated each time. It's a pleasure to work for them.

Reporter: A pleasure is to have you here with us catwalking! You came just to do this, right?

Raquel: Yep, I arrived yesterday, I'll walk for the show today, shoot the campaign tomorrow and then I go back to NY. I'd like to stay the whole week, watch the other shows, the FW is amazing this time.

Reporter: Have you seen the "100 years of japanese imigration in Brazil" tribute? Everyting japanese, Cherry blossom on the entrance.

Raquel: I think it's beautiful, by the way, I was in Tokyo two weeks ago and I saw a japanese bar playing brazilian music, it was really funny. And I think it's beautiful that they're making a tribute to the japanese imigration, it's really beautiful, and Kenzo is here too, right?!

Reporter: Kenzo was here! He was on the Pizelli (Probably a restaurant) having lunch and talking, he was super nice and he also loved SPFW. So, tell me, you've been really busy right?

Raquel: Yeah, thank God.

Reporter: Did you imagine all of this would happen to you?

Raquel: No. I've always wanted to try my best and I thought I would work a lot but now... "be careful what you wish for" because now it's: hotel - plane - plane - hotel. It doesn't stop.Reporter: Does your husband always make you company?

Raquel: Not always, in NY he works and I was lucky he could come with me to Brazil and he loves Brazil, so he tries a little harder to come here.

Reporter: He is not brazilian?

Raquel: No, he was born in Chile and was raised in NY.

Reporter: Do you miss Brazil?

Raquel: A lot.

Reporter: But in NY, you have tons of friends?

Raquel: Yeah, there's always brazilian people there but I'll come back.

Reporter: One day! Not very soon, because she's very top, working a lot. Raquel, I loved talking to you, I always do. Come here more often when you can! Give us the pleasure of your walk, of your presence, of everything, a lot of luck for you in this life. I'm your fan, and you are beautiful!

Raquel: It's an honor for me when you say that.

Reporter: No way sweety, thanks a lot!

I loved this reporter, she's fun :laugh:

Btw, this new ed is my favorite studio photoshoot from Vogue US, I really like it! :wub: Thanks for posting Camilla! :hug:

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The video Camilla found:

Video Link Here


11 Questions to Raquel Zimmermann From the people that were backstage at Animale.

Viviane Orth: Raquel, I'd like to know the secret of how to stay in the business for so long.

Raquel: Be professional, don't give up, when life is hard you gotta be strong.

Kika Ortiz: What model do you think it's the most beautiful one?

Raquel: I won’t mention names because there are many, I think there are many models that are beautiful inside and outside, and I say that starting with the Brazilians.

Celina Locks: How would she feel rounded by bodyguards?

Raquel: I was surprised, I looked around and there were bodyguards, I don’t know why, I think they were afraid I would get here late because I would be talking to people outside and this way I would get here faster.

Laura Vieira: Raquel are you happy for being here today?

Raquel: I am really happy, I’d really like to stay for the whole week and come here everyday if I had the chance.

Robert Estevao: How’s David Lynch? I was really jealous of you.

Raquel: His movies are really different, kind of crazy, so when I was about to meet him I was like “maybe he’s crazy”, but when I got there he’s a very normal, balanced person, he explained me how he wanted things, and in the end of the day everybody was happy, smiling, no drama, incredible!

Guto Neves: Has she ever had time to bring her skateboard to Brazil and use it here?

Raquel: I stopped with this skate thing, I fell and hurted my wrist then I couldn’t work well and I decided to stop.

Zeca Ziembik: Why do you like so much to surf?

Raquel: I’m just learning, it’s not like that, it’s just a hobby, just for fun.

Claudia Jatahy: What makes you a model, besides being number 1, be so special as you are?

Raquel: I am who I am, I don’t wanna be anyone else and that’s who I am.

Marta Ceribelli: I’d like to know what you don’t like about your job, you’re always so nice, smiling and being happy, there must be something you don’t like.

Raquel: I’m always away from family and friends and to be always on planes, sometimes I feel like a flight attendant.

Priscila Darolt: Has she ever felt ugly someday? Everybody has a flaw.

Raquel: When I wake up, I’m always on a bad mood before breakfast. I think it’s a human being thing, you’re never happy with what you got, for example, my mother has dark straight hair and I think she’s gorgeous and I’d like my hair to be dark and straight, then she looks at me and say “but I want to have a curly blond hair”. It’s that thing, you’re never happy with what you have.

Marcos Rosa: What dream hasn’t she accomplished yet?

Raquel: In life, I want in the future to have kids and have a more peaceful life. And travel around the world, get to know the world for real.

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