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Ana Porgras


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Interview: Ana Porgras

Ana Porgras is currently in Italy on a training camp with the Romanian National team, who are set toward reconsolidating for competitions for next year, and for the future. Jerry Lynch, caught up with Ana to ask her some questions about her life and interests outside of the sport.

Jerry: How are you, Ana?

Ana: I’m in Italy, together with my colleagues in training camp

Jerry: How you spend your short holiday that you had recently?

Ana : We had a short holiday and I relaxed with my family.

Jerry: In Romania there is a beautiful tradition, the tradition of Saint Nicholas, which gives many giftes to children, if they were good and nice.You were certainly a good child … Saint Nicholas was generous with you this year?

Ana : Yes, I got a perfume and a chocolate santa

Jerry: Your birthday is coming.What you wish for this day?

Ana: I want another laptop.

Jerry: How is Ana outside the gym, in your spare time?

Ana: I am a normal teenager. Perhaps with slightly different interests than other teenagers. I like to surf the Internet and to draw.

Jerry: Favorite color?

Ana: Pink and purple

Jerry: favorite shows?

Ana: I do not have a favorite show. I’m only interested in news programs

Jerry: Favorite gymnast?

Ana : Although I do not like being compared to Nadia, she is my favorite gymnast.I am Ana Porgras and my favorite gymnast is Nadia!

Jerry: Country in which you would love to live if you were not living in Romania?

Ana: Germany

Jerry: Sport that you would love to practice it if you had not chosen to be a gymnast?

Ana: Swimming

Jerry:Favorite food?

Ana: I love pizza

Jerry: Favorite season?

Ana: Although I am born in the winter, my favorite season is summer

Jerry: You hate…

Ana: Lies and liars, people without principles and character, without strong views.

Jerry: You love…

Ana : Gymnastics, first of all, perfumes, jewelry, electronic equipment (phones, games, laptops).

Jerry: A thought and a few words for your fans?

Ana: Thank you very much for your support.I wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of joy and accomplishments

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Ana was named the Top Female Gymnast of 2010 by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation (largely due to her gold medal balance beam routine at the World Championships, I'm sure.)

Further, Ana will be competing at the Paris World Cup which is March 19th - 20th. She was originally supposed to be at the Cottbus World Cup (March 11th - 13th) but she and her team mates - Diana Chelaru, Sandra Izbasa, and Amelia Racea - had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts.

After the French Internationals, Ana is expected to compete at the European Championships (April 2nd - 10th) in Berlin.

I'm excited to see her at both the World Cup and Euros. She's supposed to have a vault upgrade and uneven bars upgrades. I would think she would have upgraded her floor routine, as well. :)

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