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Chinas Locas


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Might be a repost and some may have seen but I couldn't stop laughing after I watched this.

Probably should go to Funny Stuff as well, but I think it'd be more appreciated here ;)

2 Korean girls going crazy in a booth!

can you dig the flare?! *flares nostrils* :rofl:

clicky for the vid

Now all I need is someone to decipher the Korean for me... :shifty:

Franmon! I choose you! *throws poke-ball-thingymabob* :ninja:

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why are you making so many identical threads? :blink:

I've edited the first post and posted the full thing! :chicken: It's on megaupload

the other ones were screwed 'cause my comp decided to go cuckoo bananas ape-shit bat guano on my ass!! <_< :anger:

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should tell Expresso to click on the links in my sig :cain:

Well, here I am :)

Those Korean girls were really funny. If all those ppl there are that weird, I'm considering to move over there :laugh:

God and that Pocky ad. I don't think I've ever seen something that sweet and pink in my entire life :laugh:

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