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Bands/artists you've been into lately


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Iron Maiden!! just found out about them like 8 months ago!!

Right on. \m/


Why hello,

welcome to the Brave New World!

The first one and Killers are the best.

Well, I'm definitely into the Dickinson era (The Number Of The Beast, Live After Death, Brave New World). He's the best vocalist Maiden has ever had, period.

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Jane's Addiction is a lame band that emerged from the early 90s grunge scene. My opinion is they are the worst thing to have come out of that entire movement. Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell are the two best known members. Navarro for being the replacement for Frusciante as the Red Hot Chili peppers guitarist for a few years. Farrell for starting the Lollapalooza festival in North America.

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