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What do supermodels usually eat?


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Hello, I'm new here. I was just wondering what Supermodels usually eat? I know they apply a lot of creams and such so that their skin looks stunning but surely their diet plays a part in it too, right?

I've been told models sometimes do indulge in things like hamburgers and chocolate cake, but this is only on very rare occasions isn't it? do they really stick to mainly salads, water, fruit, and bread?

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They eat like 70% vegetables and drink tonnes of water

I seriously doubt that bread is a huge staple in their diet, i suspect they would have a tiny bit like once a day, if that, and get the rest of their fibre/energy from veges and lean meats

PS: Miranda Kerr has a nutrition site call KoraOrganics, it looks pretty good but i havnt really read anything

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