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Scandinavians or People of Scandinavian descent

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Jennifer Connelly; Mother - Jewish, father - Irish-Norwegian descent.

Caridee English; Never heard from her before but she belongs to this thread!!! She's from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian ancestry!!! :laugh:

You learn a lot from threads like this :laugh: A personal favourite, Tom Waits is from Norwegian, Scottish and Irish ancestry.




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I'm not kidding you with this feller :laugh:

Tupuola Tufuga Efi, also known as Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Efi,[1][2] and formerly known as Tupuola Efi, (born March 1, 1938) is a former Prime Minister of Samoa, serving two terms, and the current head of state of Samoa. On 16 June 2007 he was elected as O le Ao o le Malo, Samoa's head of state, for a five-year term.[3] He was officially sworn in as O le Ao o le Malo at Samoa's Parliament (Fono) on 20 June 2007.[1]

His mother is probably (at least she's familiy) a granddaughter of Swedish trader August Nilspeter Gustav Nelson and his Samoan wife,[1] Sina Masoe, whose family had links to the Sa Tupua (a prominent chiefly family). His name Taisi is a matai chief title from his mother's family.


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