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Karolina Kurkova


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Found this recent article in hamptons-magazine.com


To jet-setting supermodel Karolina Kurkova, the Hamptons feels a little bit like heaven.

by Cristina Greeven Cuomo • photographs by Matt Jones for • Moo Management/Trunkarchive.com

Karolina Kurkova is an angel.

That is, the Czech stunner is a Victoria’s Secret Angel (and official company spokesperson), having strutted the catwalk for the brand since she was 17. Now 24, she’s also one of the top-earning models in the world, gracing countless magazine covers and appearing in myriad major fashion campaigns. She’s even branched out into acting—she’ll be making her debut in next year’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, starring Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller, followed by a starring role in the psychological thriller Parasomnia.

And yet it’s right here in the Hamptons that this gorgeous, multitalented jet-setter has found respite.

Fresh from a whirlwind tour of Paris, where she was filming Victoria’s Secret’s newest holiday commercial, Kurkova relaxed at her Wainscott summer house and opened up to us about the movie business; Supermodel Obsessions (VS’s new lingerie line, launching in late August); and the brand’s new beauty collection, which is slated for a preview this weekend at a private Southampton event featuring readings by astrologist Susan Miller and cuisine by Surf Lodge chef Sam Talbot.

HAMPTONS: How did you make the transition from modeling to acting?

KAROLINA KURKOVA: I’ve been studying, and people have given me opportunities. I performed theater at school, and that was something I really liked. I love being part of telling beautiful stories and moving people, making them cry, making them think, or making them mad. It’s good to grow and it’s good to challenge yourself. Nothing in life comes easily, and I like working hard for it. When G.I. Joe comes out next year, I will be excited to see what happens. By then, I will be working on another film, a psychological thriller.

H: A thriller! Sounds exciting.

KK: My character is the lead in Parasomnia, and we will be filming in Romania. I’m trying out a lot of crazy things. I like to be crazy, so I’m sure that’s not going to be too hard for me. We all can be crazy sometimes!

H: Will you be able to visit your family?

KK: Yeah, they will be so close, so I’m really looking forward to it. My brother was studying English at NYU and then he went back home. Now he’s here this weekend and so is my mother.

H: Tell us about Supermodel Obsessions lingerie.

KK: It’s absolutely stunning and beautiful—very sophisticated and glamorous and sensual. I really love the fit and the colors. It’s lingerie that’s sexy but comfortable, and has beautiful details like bows and lace.

H: Of the three obsessions—Prettiest Pales, Intimate Details, and Boyish Charms—do you have a favorite?

KK: Sometimes I love wearing boyish shorts or shirts, but then sometimes I like classic, sophisticated lingerie. It’s hard to choose—it’s like choosing between being three very different women.

H: The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is moving to Miami this year. Why is that?

KK: We’ve done the show in Los Angeles for two years, and I think Miami is a perfect place— it’s sexy, it’s on the beach, and the show will be in this legendary hotel, the Fontainebleau, where all the movie stars used to stay. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t do anything that isn’t spectacular. And November is a beautiful time in Miami—it’s not too hot, while in New York it’s freezing!

H: Tell us about your Wainscott house.

KK: I always rent a house here every summer, and friends and family come over. I’m on a horse farm—it’s really beautiful.

H: What are your favorite things about the Hamptons?

KK: I love that you’re so close to the city, and you can have a beautiful house and hang out with friends or walk on the beach. I love riding my bike to buy the fresh foods from the farmstands.

H: What are some of your favorite places to eat in the East End?

KK: In East Hampton I like Juicy Naam, a little stand where they make healthy and fresh green juices, fruit juices, and smoothies. I also love the food at Babette’s. I love going to Clam Bar with no shoes after the beach to get some good grilled fish or a hamburger and listen to old music—it’s the best, especially after the sun goes down. The Surf Lodge in Montauk is a great place to go and have a drink, hang out, have brunch, and see friends. And then on Sunday I love going to Pierre’s in Bridgehampton or Sant Ambroeus in Southampton.

H: Any little boutiques you like?

KK: Yes, Turpan in East Hampton—they have Hermès plates and James Perse T-shirts. They have a bit of everything and cool little finds. I love that place.

H: How do you find all those chic outfits you have?

KK: I have a very good friend, Nevena, who owns a store in New York and Los Angeles called Curve. She sends me new stuff—she knows what I love, and she knows my wardrobe.

H: She’s a bit like a personal shopper?

KK: Kind of—but she’s a really close friend and she knows me. Of course, when I’m on vacation in the Hamptons I like walking and finding basic, edgy stuff. I love Preen, Future Classics, Missoni, and Phillip Lim. Nevena has a great selection of young, smaller designers, and I try to buy more eclectic stuff, not the usual designers everyone else wears.

H: Do you exercise when you’re at the beach?

KK: Yes, I love going to Physique 57 in Bridgehampton and Brett Hoebel’s Saturday Booty Camp classes at ZoneHampton. He’s one of my trainers in New York, but sometimes he comes over to my house with a bunch of friends and we do capoeira on the grass. There are so many things you can do here! I love biking—I take my bike to the beach and then go for a walk.

H: What are your favorite beaches?

KK: I always go to the Georgica Pond beach and Montauk beach, and I love the beach in Amagansett. It depends on where your friends are and what you want to do… all the beaches are nice if you have good company.

H: Good company—like, say, a boyfriend?

KK: Oh my god, I have too many. [Laughs] I have too many men in my life.

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Karolina Kurkova made pictures with Wladimir Klitschko (box world champion / heavyweight) for Vanity Fair. You can see it in the next magazine of Vanity Fair. It was also for the cover...

Waiting for this magazine...


Now, I have only that very tiny picture:

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here's a little story on their love life!

Boxer Vladimir Klitschko smitten with sexy Victoria's Secret model

Boxer Klitschko's big crush Vlad smitten with sexy Victoria's Secret model

Boxing champ Vladimir Klitschko (32) and supermodel Karolina Kurkova (24) sparked a connection after a steamy flirt fest in New York City. “She is anything but a kook. Karolina really is a lovely women,” Klitschko told the German daily ‘Berliner Morgenpost’.

Thompson vs. Klitschko: K.o King Klitschko

Tiger tamed

KO King



“I don’t just mean her looks, but her charisma,” he added. And Klitschko emphasised the most important thing about her: “She makes me laugh. Usually I’m the clown. No other woman has managed to turn that around.”

And what does the Victoria’s Secret model have to say about Klitschko? “He’s very funny and comfortable in his skin,” she told ‘Berliner Morgenpost’.

more star news

The pair are sure to be seeing more of each other in the future.

According to the newspaper, Klitschko has invited the sexy model to Munich for Octoberfest. Kurkova also said she wants to be there when Klitschko prepares for his next match.

It’s uncertain how serious Kurkova and Klitschko will get. As Kurkova aptly explained: “You know, life is difficult, especially love life! It’s wonderful but complicated.”

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