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Portraits New York - Oct 19

post-33019-0-1446083785-61557_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-63326_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-66371_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-70299_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-71591_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-81508_thumb.jpg th_03ea3353088151.gif/monthly_10_2009/post-33019-0-1446083785-8762_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3717583" alt="post-33019-0-1446083785-8762_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="174.73"> post-33019-0-1446083785-92935_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-97381_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083785-98392_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083786-03615_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083786-05756_thumb.jpg th_e37fcd53088382.gif/monthly_10_2009/post-33019-0-1446083786-09422_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3717608" alt="post-33019-0-1446083786-09422_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150"> post-33019-0-1446083786-94575_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083786-98443_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083787-01603_thumb.jpg post-33019-0-1446083787-06861_thumb.jpg

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Shakira had a plastic surgery in her face? :/ I don't know, but something looks just so different, her face was a little bit chubbier and know is sooo thin! You can see what I'm talking about in the She Wolf video... maybe her cheekbones are higher and I think that her jawline is stronger; or did she get a nose job?... I don't know. Definitely her face features are more defined now than they were a few years ago.... What do you know about this? Did she get some "work" done? :ermm:

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