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US Colleges and Drinking

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Hello. At my university there are opportunities to spend a year studying abroad. I'm thinking of going somewhere in the US but have a couple questions.

I'll be 21 when I go, so legal for booze, but I'd only be in 2nd year so I'm assuming everyone else on my course would be maybe 18-20. Is this a problem or is underage drinking kindof just accepted? Obviously my life doesn't revovle around drinking, but it's an important part of university life and I'll need some folk to go to clubs with and stuff.

What's your thoughts?


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Underage drinking is accepted but still prosecuted by the authorities, so you could get into trouble for being with them. Busted for supplying a minor with booze is not a good position to be in at all. You would be well just to find the above 21 crowd to hang with.

There are lots of good college towns with great club scenes. You will do well to find a decent crowd to hang with. I'd suggest Austin, TX.

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Some campuses, like the one I'm on, is considered a "dry campus" which means alcohol is not allowed on campus. However, I've been told by several RAs' (Resident Hall Advisors more or less) that as long as they don't see it, they're not going to dig through your room looking for it.

It just depends on where you go. Check out college websites and messageboards if they have one. Or look up city information on the club scenes, best thing to do.

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Here's a list of all the places I can go:

  • Boston College
  • Miami University, Ohio
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Radford University, Virginia
  • State University of New York at Albany
  • University of Alabama
  • University of California
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Miami, Florida
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Virginia
  • University of St.Thomas
  • Universtiy of Massachusetts at Amherst

Cheers for the input so far. Any idea's which of those I can score off my list?

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I got my B.A at University of Virginia, I wouldn't go their, Charlotsville is kind of dull and the students tend to be arrogant. I am getting my M.A. at the University of Houston and my girlfriend went to University of St. Thomas. From what I hear, and the people I have hung out with, it is a pretty fun school with some cool people, its also a descent University, academic-wise. Houston is a huge city so their is lots to do with the party and entertainment scene.

Oh, if you like to party Radford would probably be the best school, it used to be ranked as the number one party school in the nation and also number one in STDs, but they passed that torch to James Madison University, which is about an hour away. Unfortunately, Radford is kind of lacking in academia, plus it is not near any fun places.

University of Miami, is by far the coolest school I have ever been to, its called the Resort, and if you visit you will certainly see why. Their, you should have no problem finding fun and a good academic experience.

From what I have heard, all the rest of the schools on your list are really good, but I don't know enough about them.

So, I would say, from my limited knowledge and experience, if you want good academics, a cool city, an amazingly nice campus, and lots of fun, University of Miami would be your best bet.

As for the drinking, I am only 20 and I go to school with much older fellow graduate students, where I am, of course the youngest one, but I party and get drunk all the time, so I am sure it would work vice-versa.

Hope this helps. :)

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"The university is typically ranked one of the top academic institutions in the United States. This was most recently exemplified in U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking of United States colleges and universities for 2005, which ranked the University 55th nationally. The University of Miami is particularly well known for its programs in business, marine biology, medicine and music, which rank among the very best in the nation. In 2004, the average weighted grade point average for students granted admission to the university was 4.0 and the mid-range SAT score was 1360. Sixty-three percent of University of Miami students ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school class."

Here we go, that's from:


I knew I wasn't crazy.

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Thanks alot, Miami was actually the place that interested me the most. We get 3 choices incase the one we want to go to doesn't work out, Miami is definately going to be my number 1 choice.

As for california, it's any campus "apart from the film school at UCLA". I think one of those may be my 2nd choice. There's a big fair about studying abroad next week so I'll have to get more info there.

Ta for the advice!

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