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Andreja Pejic

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Jean Paul Gaultier spring / summer 2011 advertising campaign

Models: Karolina Kurkova & Andrej Pejic

Photographers: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin


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he was bride,yes the bride on JPG womens show :D




post-37694-0-1446120177-91429_thumb.jpg post-37694-0-1446120178-39488_thumb.jpg post-37694-0-1446120178-7982_thumb.jpg post-37694-0-1446120179-33195_thumb.jpg

and backstage photos


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Interview in German Zeit Magazin

translated by me (with lots of mistakes ;) )

Andrej Pejic: "As a woman I'm sexy, as man simple"


Mr. Pejic, do you feel more as a man or as a woman?

Sometimes I feel more male, sometimes more female. Many people see the more feminine side of me currently, I guess, but I'm both. And I feel very good with that at the moment.

When did you discover your feminine side?

Already when I was very young, I was interested in my mother's wardrobe. As long as you're a child, everyone finds that cute. Only when I grew older I realised there's a fine line between boys and girls.

And then it wasn't cute anymore?

No, it wasn't okay anymore that I played with dolls and wore make-up. When I was about between 8 and 12 years old, I tried to be a real boy with all my might. But it didn't work very well.

You were born in Bosnia, shortly before the war, and you have lived in Serbia until you were 8 years old - that doesn't sound like an environment to me that has much consideration for sexual self-discovery ...

Serbia is not a very tolerant country for sure. But I was a cute child, so they condoned me. Only when I grew older the hard times began. I'm very thankful to my mother, who looked so well after us in those crisis-ridden times.

How was your parental home?

My father was economist, now he's working in the tourism industry in Bosnia. My mother was a lawyer - when we moved to Australia she went to college again. Today she's a teacher.

So it was a middle class family?

We were middle class, yes. But after the war we were a poor family - I feel more as a working class child.

How did you manage as an eight year old in a foreign country?

It was hard. For example, there was no integration program for foreigners. I was sitting in class, didn't speak a word of English, trying to pick up something. But it's easier when you're a child. It took me a year to learn the language.

Since when have you been interested in fashion?

I started reading fashion magazines and going shopping very early - but I had never thought of a modeling career.

You're working as a model for about a year now. How have you been discovered?

I was selling fruits on a market in Melbourne. A modeling agent came by and bought some strawberrys. He asked me if I wanted to come over to the agency eventually.

Without him knowing you weren't a woman?

They found out about that at the agency later, and found it even more interesting.

I read you were discovered at the airport in Melbourne.

You know, I'm being asked about my discovery a lot - so I always vary a bit to keep it interesting. Every story has its own truth.

Currently you're the only prominent model that is wearing men's as well as women's clothing. When was the first time you presented women's clothing?

I did some runway jobs for a couple of Australian brands; but my first big appearance was for Gaultier at the haute couture shows in Paris in January. It took a while until they thought I was capable of doing women's shows, because they didn't think I had the body for it. Apparently I do.

Is there a difference for you between presenting women's or men's clothing?

Women's fashion is much more demanding. It's important how to stride, how to move. In men's shows you just start walking.

Can you switch between man and woman in your mind?

I know what people are expecting of me. As a woman I'm sensual and sexy. As a man I'm more - simple.

Being a man means being simple?

In terms of fashion - yes.

How do models react to you?

They are friendly. Not my best friends, but not bitchy either. On the men's shows I'm usually the only one who appears to be very feminine. But even the very masculine models stay cool.

How do you dress in your privat life?

I'm wearing men's clothing and ladieswear. But looking good as a woman is much more favorable. Good men's clothing is very expensive.

Do you wear dresses?

If I see a dress that I like, I wear it. I don't have any problems with that. I'm wearing high heels, too.


Not much. I'm not a drag queen; I don't want to change into somebody else. I want to stay natural.

If you go out in high heels and a man orders you a drink - when do you tell him you're not what he may expect you to be?

I've had lots of free drinks, and I never took anybody home with me, not telling that I'm not a woman. But most of them don't really care about it anyway. They still order me another drink.

Are you interested in men or women?

Let me say it like this: love knows no boundaries.

You are 19 years old now. You will not always be able to balance on the fine line between the genders/sexes as a model. If you took another job outside the modeling industry, one would probably like to know whether you're man or woman.

Maybe, but at the moment everything is working. I'll envisage the future.

Do you already know which sex you want, if you had to decide eventually?

Yes, I do. But I won't tell it yet.

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Jessica Hart and Andrej Pejic showcase the versatility of the season’s offerings for boys and girls in the new Vogue Australia. Shot by Max Doyle and styled by Naomi Smith, the shoot focuses on clothes with clean lines and androgynous appeal; both Jess and Andrej look pitch perfect in pieces from Miu Miu and Calvin Klein.

from models.com

post-35528-0-1446120210-47276_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446120210-92386_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446120210-9469_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446120210-96814_thumb.jpg post-35528-0-1446120211-00083_thumb.jpg

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