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To post great models and modeling photos! As much as you want!

It is unfortunate fact that this interest is geared towards women... and thus a slight social entry barrier is erupted and often blunts the approach of many men who otherwise would like to indulge more rigorously in the fact that they love looking at beautiful women in beautiful clothes and appreciate fine photography with brilliant artistic creativity in advertisement. Or just look at ridiculously beautiful women doing...whatever.


Thus, as a member of this faction, I would appreciate if there be posts here made that contained what one would subjectively believe to be best in its class. Or not..the photos could be just reminiscent of a cool breeze.

I will use this thread to periodically post my favorite photos as well. My experience is very limited as this hobby is extremely nascent but I hope to see it grow. I hope this thread will become pleasing to many others for times to come!

This is (sort of) a candid picture that hit me in the chest with a hammer:


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