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Christina Aguilera


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Christina Invited to Hillary Clinton's Hollywood Bash

Sen. Hillary Clinton has lined up a bevy of babes to draw the younger crowd into her White House bid when she heads to La La Land at the end of the month to raise more cash.

Among Hillary's hotties at a May 30 bash hosted by "Rush Hour" director Brett Ratner will be Heather Graham, Penelope Cruz, Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria. "It'll be a spectacular evening under the stars, with the stars," said Clinton's Hollywood maven Sim Farar.

The young crowd-targeted $250-minimum event for 350 people will follow a smaller, pricier reception and a $4,600-a-head "intimate" dinner with Stephen Spielberg.

Clinton explained why she needs all that cash in an e-mail to supporters yesterday that pointed out the primary contest could be all but over by early February.

"The Iowa caucuses are on Jan. 14," she noted. "By the morning of Feb. 6, voters in at least two dozen states will have made their choice clear in the contest."

In a message tailored for New York, which votes Feb. 5, Clinton said she needs to do well early at home.

"To win that contest, we must have a strong operation on the ground in our state," she said. "And in the next 60 days, our campaign is expanding our field programs in as many early primary states as possible."

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