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Blonde Plus Size Lingerie Model featured in Intimate Attiudes 2010 catalog

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The_Savvy    0

I would really like the name of a model featured in a tonne of Shirley's of Hollywood lingerie pics from the 2010 catalog. I got a couple of product numbers in the recent Intimate Attitudes catalog: X90001, X90022 and X90016. I have just become obsessed with her, kinda creepy but, hey, I'm a creep. :whistle: It must be love ...



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jrk987    0

Hi I don't to be impertinent, but I was wondering how you were able to include a thumbnail of the photo you used for the identification of your model? Are there detailed instructions that explain how to do that because all I can post are the URL links that connect to the original pictures and I think it may deter potential viewers from looking at them. Another issue that may arise is the matter of convenience as some people can't and won't be bothered to copy and paste the links into the search box. I know this message appears a bit extravagant as I could have simply asked "how do you post thumbnails on the forums instead of links" but I thought that sounded rude and demanding, so I tried to be as polite as possible. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question, and I wish the best of luck for having your model named and identified. ;)

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stopher    0

She is a stunner and you aren`t the only one who thinks she is hot. i have a ton of pictures of her from various lingerie catalogs..here are a few of what I have. Hopefully someone knows her name.




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