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Gwen Stefani


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i liked her when the'ex girlfriend " came out with pink hair..but i still love her..she's the living proof that you can wear ll that skimpy stuff that she wears and still look classy and be considered a fashion icon

I think her style only works for her. I hate seeing her type of clothing on other girls, but on her .. it's amazing.

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I love Gwen Stefani. I find it funny that people don't like her much because she has small breasts, though; I think that is part of the reason why she can make such skimpy clothes look stylish, cute and sexy, but far from slutty. A large-breasted girl in the same outfit would just look like a ho, but small-breasted girls like Gwen can get away with it and make it look fantastic and classy at the same time. I like the way she has so much confidence about herself to wear those clothes, too; I know that there are plenty of small-breasted women who wouldn't wear them because they've been shamed into thinking they're not women due to the size of their chest. That's really sad. I hate how society makes people feel like that about themselves. :(


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