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Pia van de Beuken


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I think she is gorgeous, really wonderful :heart:

pictures and info and interview via allaboutmodels.tv and princess.

Name Pia van de Beuken

Age 23 May 1995

Origin The Netherlands

Height 175cm

Measurements 82-60-89

Hair Blonde

Eye Blue/Grey

Modeling Agencies:

Max Models (The Netherlands)

IMG Models (London)

IMG Models (Milan)

IMG Models (New York)

IMG Models (Paris)

PMA Models (Hamburg)

About Pia van de Beuken:

Pia van de Beuken is a 15 years old aspiring model. She’s full of power and has a great personality. She comes from The Netherlands and works with Max Models in her home country. She is as well signed with IMG Models in London, Milan, New York & Paris and PMA Models in Hamburg. Pia has in the eyes of All about Models a promising look and an adorable face. She’s 175cm tall and has measurements of 82-60-89. Have a look on the interview that you can see below – it’s about Pia and her life.

An interview with Pia from Max Models for All about Models dot TV:

My name is Pia van den Beuken, a blond girl with two different collared eyes. I was born on 23 May 1995 in the south of Holland. I live in a very small village, where you barely can’t do anything. When I’m bored, I look at the clothes people are wearing, the make-up they have on or the things that could be better. I was born and raised in a family with two other children. I have a twin brother and an older sister, they are both the opposite of me. I don’t have a boyfriend, I think it’s because I’m a bit picky. I’m also very creative, I like to draw and paint figures. Mostly with some nice clothing on or a nice pair of shoes. I’m also a collector of brand cards. Why? You shouldn’t ask me, I think it’s because I don’t have the time or actually the energy to put them in the trash. There are really cool ones in my collection. Some of them are printed, embroidered, or they have beads on it. I’m also pretty obsessed by the things in life. I have about thousand pictures on my computer of cultures in other countries. I’m optimistic and I’m always enjoying life. I’d like to travel the whole world, that’s one of my hundred dreams. But at this moment I have to finish school first. I used to be kind of a tomboy, most of the time I was building tree houses with my twin brother or I was crossing the river on a raft. When I wasn’t with my brother, I was playing with my older sister, with the dolls. I really like modelling. It’s a hobby where I can stand in front of the camera acting like someone else. I can be who ever I want to be, that’s nice! At this moment I can’t work fulltime, because I’m still going to school of course. After school I really like to read books and I play a lot of volleyball. In summer I’m water skiing with my dad’s boat. Or I’ll go shopping like most girls do at my age. So that’s my life, shortly summarized.

Pia_van_de_Beuken_01.jpg Pia_van_de_Beuken_02.jpg Pia_van_de_Beuken_03.jpg Pia_van_de_Beuken_04.jpg Pia_van_de_Beuken_05.jpg Pia_van_de_Beuken_09.jpg
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