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Adrianas Llama

Movies that make you cry?

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If she loved him, she would have died with him... not wanted to live without him. She just went, thankyou very much and climbed on the door and let him drown!! Bitch !!

Films to cry to, Err.... "Message in a bottle", the saddest film I've seen yet.

Or for another "Little Secrets" that one made even my Brother cry !!

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I love intense movies that make me laugh or cry.

Here are a few of my favorite tearjerkers

& most of these were not famous movies:

radio inside (shue)

lovers of the artic (by medem)

sex & lucia (vega)

volver (cruz)

mischief (c m stewart)

tess (kinski)

the swimmer (lancaster)

cool hand luke

reality bites

cannery row

caine mutiny

notorious (ingrid bergman)

1201 (h slater)

about last night (demi m)

9th configuration (keach)

autumn sonata (liv ullmann)

birdy (cage)

firelight (marceau)


inventing the abbotts

lulu on the bridge (m sorvino)

mr jones (gere)

meet john doe (stanwyck)

open your eyes (cruz)

ryan's daughter

sling blade

splendor in the grass

touch (b fonda)

strange cargo (gable)

terms of endearment

tragedy (ringwald)

what dreams may come

anna karenina (pbs, pagett)

behind the lines (ww1)

dr zhivago (christie)

the mark (steiger)

blue (binoche)

atumn in new york (winona)

girl interrupted (winona)

garden state (portman)


spooner (urich)

david & lisa

death in venice

king & country

king of hearts

where the heart is (portman)


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There shall be no shedding of tears in any movie unless it meets one of these three conditions:

1 - You are watching the last ten minutes of Braveheart.

2 - A heroic dog dies to save it's master.

3 - Any time a man takes a shot to the groin.

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A Beautiful Mind - even I don't like Russell Crowe at all

Finding Neverland - it's just perfect

The Lord Of The Rings - especially when Faramir dies


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I'm pretty sure "night in rodentho" will make me cry too :p

planning to watch it :p

Oh my gosh.. :cain:

Not you, again. :p :nicole:

Nights in Rodanthe is for OLD PEOPLE!

It's liQe an old people version of "A WalQ To Remember" and "The NotebooQ."


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i loove the notebook, but it didn't make me cry, it's not that emotional of a movie, but it's still great.

Same here.

But maybe the next time I watch it, it will make me cry....

To be honest, I don't really remember if I cried while watching a movie....

I mean, from laughter, at funny movies, sure, but at others...

I hated "Titanic" btw :ninja:

Oh, the last time I cried at a movie...I remember now...the end of "Babel" :ninja: I saw it twice, but I didn't cry at the first time...don't know why...

Oh, and for you guys :p (I'm in a mood of posting images from bustedtees.com lol):


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