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Drew Kelly's Babe? (Red Model NYC?)


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I would be outrageously grateful for anyone who could find the last name of this beautiful model. I found her after I say a topic for the male model "Drew Kelly" and did some research and discovered her name was Emma. Please, of anyone knows he, I would like to discover her last name ASAP!


Photography – Filippo Del Vita

Stylist – Anna Katsanis

Make-up – Sophie Ono

Hair Stylist – Maria Licari

Models- Emma and Drew at Red Model NYC

Retouching Laura Garcia Serventi www.effellephotography.com

Assistants Dorothea Lucaci and Eliza Torres






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I have done that. I have also done it here. I can't find her anywhere and it's driving me crazy. I just need to her last name. But thank yu for the suggestion, any other help?

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Red Models isn't the greatest agency. its decent for guys. most of the female models signed to red who are based in NY aren't exclusive. Look through NY Commercial Print agencies (thats how most of them help pay the bills). You might find her (perhaps even under another name). Red Models aren't the type of models to have an FMD profile. I think there are only three on there. I hope that helps you find more info about her.

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