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Jimmy Changa

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well, it has blue circles on it and it is made of ceramic. I'm not much for fine china, as I don't see why you would have expensive plates and not even use them!!! And yes, I know you didn't mean that type of dish. :p

Tell me something on how you deal with overwhelming circumstances.

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Hmmmm, my last holiday was different... I didn't eat with the family or anything... I sorta forgot about it (easter). I went and trained with my sensei out in the woods, and then came home and played video games...lol.

Tell me something about ninjas.

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Ohh man... This is a serious problem.... You don't know anything about ninjas?!?! sigh...

Ive never heard of 6teens, but I really enjoy fiction stories. Mainly anything well written and educational is always good. I like a good book that can tie in learning with a gripping story line. I adore Hunter S. Thompson (R.I.P.) He is my writting hero, and I only wish to be like him.

Tell me something about life.

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they say ninjas can used to use their brains in high percentages (4-5 times of a normal person) it means they were kicking ass with mental power :D

tell me something about your fav. place

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