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Lucy Hale gets in some study time with Shane Coffey in this new still from Pretty Little Liars.

In the upcoming episode “Blond Leading the Blind,” The best way to get to someone is through the people they love, and “A” knows this better than anyone.

Toby (Keegan Allen) continues to pursue Spencer (Troian Bellisario), knowing that she is keeping something from him. With another “accident” possibly popping up at any minute, Spencer is desperate to keep Toby safe and can think of only way to truly end it.

Also worried about her relationship, Hanna (Ashley Benson) begs the other girls to stop using Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) to help with their search. The more involved Caleb gets, the bigger target he becomes. But is the valuable information Caleb is finding more important to the others than Caleb’s safety?

“Blond Leading the Blind” premieres Monday, January 23rd @8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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HAHA,OMG @ the fight between Emily&Spencer!

The Ezra/Aria scene at the beginning broke my heart

omg I cannot believe Ezra finally told Aria's parents! woop woop, I knew it would not end well though. AND I cannot believe Mike did that (

Okay Emily is really brave...I would not go in that place alone! yet along with others,haha

omg the end, that person was wackkk.

crap...if Hanna's car had only hit him alittle harder!

okay..I'm thinking that whoever was in the hoodie...well...'A' I guess is male, purely because at one point when they were not wearing gloves- the hands looked kinda manly and at the end, when 'they' smashed the glass...I dunno, you'd have to be strong.

I bet they are gnna get Lucas to figure out who's phone it is, cause he's so darn tech-savy and clever!

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So many though in my mind:

1. Just wondering if Jenna setup the fire in purpose to test the if the pretty little liars are really not her enemy? just how Allison test the girls in Halloween to see if the girls would really help her in case she would be in trouble.

2. Vivianne in latin means alive, this can means that Allison is alive and that she is faking her death

3. Hannah, keep on receiving text message from her new phone, does she have her old number? or a new number? If is a new number, A knows her new number, Mona know her number, so It could be Mona texting Hannah. Mona could be A, and she could be texting her self to make it seem she is another victim of A, so the pretty little liar wont suspect on her at all.

4. Melissa is pretty suspicious too. She tells Garrett she is been scaring her sister her entire life.

5. it could be Aria with Ezra, the pretty little liars started been torture till aria came home, and aria hasn't really been torture as much as the other girl.

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Glad to see Allison back...we havn't seen her in awhile.

hmmm...Jenna apologizing to the girls...don't think she is being genuine.

Mona is being suspicous about flashing around the fact she is getting more texts from 'a' also the way she got them doesn't seem like 'a'.

The thing in the car between Caleb/Mona was very clever but doesn't prove Melissa is A because 'A' seems to be everywhere....there may be more than one,as mentioned before.

omg when the girls were in the doll shop...SCARED....and when Spencer opened the cupboard....yikes, that's bad.

Ezra is leaving :'(

hmmm...what a cliffhanger! Garrett and Jenna's eyes!


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A user on Digital Spy called Superbass posted a really good theory about who A was:

"A has been in it since the pilot, Marlene King has notified us she has known who A is since the pilot.

Nosey Bitches Die was written on the wall in Dr. Sullivan’s office in the usual red colour. The only thing noticeable in this scene was that Nosy was spelt with an E, Nosey is the British spelling of the word Nosy.

We know Garrett stole page 5 from the police station, but it hasn’t been said who stole it from the morgue. Wren works in the hospital.

When Ian was dangling Spencer over the bell tower, someone saved her, Wren seems to like Spencer, of course he would never let her die.

Out of all the girls relationships Spencer’s has been targeted the most, Wren likes Spencer, but it is clear that Spencer is in love with Toby, making Toby Wren’s biggest rival. One of A’s challenges was Keep Toby Safe. The only was she could keep him safe was by breaking up with him, Wren was there the second after she did so.

In the interview with A they ask about A’s New Years Resolution, A’s answer is more cardio. Cardio refers to heart, cardiology is heart surgery. Wren is a doctor.

Wren has access to the security cameras in the hospital therefore he was able to print off a picture of the girls.

As we all know, in the pilot, Wren gave Spencer a massage for her bursa sac and she enjoyed it. In episode 2x10 A gives Emily a massage, and they are good enough to make her believe it was the masseuse.

In the A interview again, A was asked who is now the weakest link, A’s reply was “I’m more interested in the strongest liar.” Spencer is generally considered the strongest liar, A was also asked which of the girls boyfriends are you most interested in, A’s reply was Toby.

Peter Hastings hates Wren, and Wren seems scared of Peter. By letting Spencer know that she was related to Jason, he was pushing her away from her family and making her vulnerable. Wren seems to always be around when Spencer is vulnerable.

When Spencer was arranging to meet Melissa at the bar, Wren just happened to be there. Coincidence or was he Melissa’s decoy?"

Didn't have any suspicious but this has changed my mind

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That is a good theory. :o But how long has his obsession with Spencer been around? Did he attack Alli because he didn't like how she treated Spencer? :idk:

I had my own :p Kinda silly but anything is possible in this show, right?

So, there was that really weird story Ali told in that one episode about the 2 little girls. None of Ali's stories seem to be for no reason. Maybe she was revealing something about herself. She had that same doll! Maybe whatever happened was part of why the family moved away from Georgia. But maybe the twin didn't die and years later she comes back in Ali's life as A. Maybe they all think they see Ali because they are seeing the twin. :idk: Or maybe her twin was there that night and whoever A is killed her instead and Ali ran off and is in hiding..... I guess we will find out :shifty:

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I heart this show!!! At first I thought it was ridiculously stupid...as well as unrealistic (which it still is unrealistic lOL but awesome)

i'm hooked, last weeks episode was sooo spooky...with the doll store!!!effective creepyness.

My favorites is Spencer :wub: I like Hannah too

Aria and Emily annoy me! :p

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I knew Mona was A, I was right, it makes all sense for Mona to be A, but I am curious the girl that went to visit Mona at the mental hosptital I think is Vivianne/Alison I think she is Alive, and her twin sister is the dead one. but it got me thinking when Mona told this person, " I did everything you told me" maybe Mona is pretending to be A and is covering the real A, I am bit confused. let see what happens for the summer season.

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I knew Mona was A, I was right, it makes all sense for Mona to be A, but I am curious the girl that went to visit Mona at the mental hosptital I think is Vivianne/Alison I think she is Alive, and her twin sister is the dead one. but it got me thinking when Mona told this person, " I did everything you told me" maybe Mona is pretending to be A and is covering the real A, I am bit confused. let see what happens for the summer season.

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I'm not gonna lie...I was alittle annoyed when I found out Mona was A..purely because i'd seen it coming all along- I thought it was insane that people thought it was Ezra or someone else. I guess it's good they stuck to the books...and even when it was revealed that Mona was 'A' the episode was still exciting...and i'm glad they didn't kill her off.

I dunno why they killed Maya though...Kinda random but it was quite a shocker, did someone kill her and place the body in Emily's garden? did she commit suicide? hmmm...

MANY people think Dr. Sullivan is Caleb's mum because he said he was gonna meet up with her tmmorow and then suddenly she appears? I'm not so sure but it IS a possability.

here is an interesting interview...may answer sme of your guys questions

+ Mona? Really?! Yes, really. King says that Mona was the “most logical and also the most satisfying” choice for “A” because she “had motive.” “There were other people along the way who could have been ‘A’ — and they’re liars and they’re cheats — but Mona was completely abused by Allison and bullied by Allison,” King explains. “The Pretty Little Liars let her do it, and we see that in the pilot, in the very first scene, where she’s running after Allison and Aria and they just don’t even pay attention to her. ‘If you ignore it, it will go away’ — that’s what Allison says. And from that moment, ‘A’ was born.” As for Mona also being “A” in the book series, Goldstick adds: “We felt like we had a certain need to honor the thing that was set up by the author.”

+ What was Mona’s motive? “The motive for Mona really kicked into gear when Aria came back from Europe because Mona had Hanna for that year and they became friends,” King says. “This fear of losing Hanna again inspired Mona to start tormenting these girls in the way that they tormented her, and then it kind of backfires. She ends up bringing them closer together than ever, so then she’s even more p—ed than ever in season 2. She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison’s friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna.”

GET MORE EW: Subscribe to the magazine for only 33¢ an issue!

+ What key moments should fans go back and watch again? There are many, but King points to one in particular from last night’s finale. “In the finale, there’s a moment that I love where Spencer says to Mona — and I forget the exact wording — but it’s like, ‘I know who you are,’” King says. “Mona says, ‘Guilty.’ It was like she was completely giving it up right there. It was at the ball. There are little moments like that if you go back.”

+ When did Parrish find out she was going to be “A”? About halfway through shooting this past season — so last fall. “Janel didn’t know for sure that she was ‘A’ until about halfway through season 2,” King says. “She kind of suspected it all along, and so she played her role with that in mind, but it was really about halfway through season 2 that I pulled her aside and had a conversation. I said, ‘You are ‘A.” And so she started playing things with that knowledge in mind. We started asking more and more of her, in more complicated scenes.”

+ Is Mona unhinged? Definitely, says King. “You can’t do what she’s done — I mean, Mona hit Hanna with her car — and not be unhinged,” King continues. “There’s a moment in the finale when she’s in the car, and Spencer says, ‘But you hit Hanna with a car.’ And Mona says, ‘It’s easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend.’ To me, that sums up her entire motivation right there.”

+ Why kill Maya? “That’s the only backlash I think we’re going to get from the finale,” King says, referring to Maya’s unexpected death in the last few minutes of the episode. “The Maya fans are going to be a little bit upset.” The decision, King continues, was a difficult one. “It was a really hard decision to make because I know Emaya shippers are very passionate about that couple, but it just felt like we had to continue on this journey and it was a step we needed to take to give ourselves more mystery and open up the show to season 3. Plus, it was just great drama. That scene has me on my knees every time I watch it.” Adds Goldstick: “With Allison’s death — and now Maya’s — you say, ‘Are these related? They’ve got to be related.’ If they are related, was it because this person was about to be caught?”

+ Does this mean that Garrett is off the hook for Allison’s murder? Not exactly. “Mona’s incarcerated for being ‘A,’ but not for being Allison’s killer,” King clarifies. “So when we come back in season 2, Garrett is still in jail for Allison’s murder. That’ll be dealt with in season 3. And the NAT club still very much plays a part of that. There might be one other member of the NAT club that you don’t know is a member of the NAT club.”

+ Do the PLLs know that Jenna can see now? “We’re going to keep that secret from the PLLs for a while,” King says.

+ Who was the Black Swan at the ball? “That’s a mystery that’s coming back,” King says. “Who was that person talking to Jenna and Lucas? And who is the Black Swan?”

+ Will Mona be around in season 3? For sure. “Mona stays a part of the show,” King says. “You haven’t seen the last of Mona. When I told Janel she was going to be ‘A,’ the next week I got a call from her manager because she knows that in the books Mona dies. Mona is ‘A,’ Mona goes off a cliff, and Mona is dead. So Janel was like, ‘Does this mean I’m dead?’ I’m like, ‘No, you will survive.’ So Mona is not dead because Mona is a beloved character in this show and she’s still a part of the show in season 3.” Mona won’t necessarily be in prison, King says, but “there may be some padding on the walls” of where she is, however. Goldstick adds: “This is a whole different adventure. That was one ride. They’ll get another ride here. Mona’s not going away, just to be clear.” (Goldstick says that killing Mona, like in the books, was never on the table. “We don’t kill people as easily in this show. We do kill some people, but we try to be a little bit more careful.”)

+ Does Mona have help? Is “A” now “Team A”? That’s still murky — and King doesn’t necessarily want to clarify anything for viewers quite yet. “I don’t think anyone should assume anything,” King says, cryptically. “I think our hopes are that we stay super, super quiet before coming back. We’re going to be making episodes for a couple of months before we start airing them [in season 3], and we’re going to have the Pretty Little Liars and everyone keep a little bit of radio silence on the tweeting until we come back because we really want people to be surprised with what season 3 of the show is.”

+ Was the person in the red coat at the end Mona’s accomplice? It’s unclear, but King teases: “Red is the new black. I think that’s the best way to say it: Red is the new black.”

+ Does Maya’s death factor into the mystery of season 3? Surely, surely. “It fuels a lot of it,” King says. “We feel like the Emaya fans deserve some answers and some closure, and that’s what season 3 will embrace.”

+ What else is happening in season 3? “Without giving too much away, when we come back,” King says, “Ezra’s still been Aria’s rock and safe place to land, and they’re closer than ever.” We’ll be introduced to Ezra’s family, including his brother, mother, and father. Plus, the impending birth of Melissa’s baby will become a central plot point in the new season. “That’s a mystery that’ll be solved in a few episodes as we get back.” And Lucas’ return in last night’s episode factors into the season, too. “What’s going on with Lucas?” King says. “He might not be the person you thought he was. I think he has a dark side maybe he’s been hiding.”

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that very last part of the ep.it all got clear to me.mona is not A. A is Ally herself,,because remembber she was wearing a red trench most of the time as Vivian?well the person who visited Mona in the clinic was wearing red!i believe thats not just a coincidence.

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