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Angie Tan

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Don't know anything about her yet :) such as bio or...last name :ninja: . But here's my best for now...

Last Name: ???

First Name: Angie

Nationality: Japanese

Agency: Image Models

Figured I'd give her a thread since there aren't many Japanese fashion models, I don't think :) .


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She's in my guess - a local Japanse model. She's too short to work International with her 166m.

thats not true. there are a few british, south african, australian, as well as asian models who are 5'6" and sometimes shorter. Its not what you know but who you know. Look at Akemi. She is 5'6" and has modeled in New York, Milan, Rome, Capetown, Sao Paolo, etc. Usually Asian model agencies don't take the time to Anglicize a model's name if they don't have hopes of her breaking out of the Asian market. Plus the agency has international models so you can rule her out as a local model or commercial print model. She also could be a commercial print model from a Western nation building her book in Asia. Modeling isn't so black and white.

Oh and her name is Angie Tan and she is 167 cm.

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LOL. With commercial clients, they usually ask for a model around 5'6" or 168cm. They want the girls to have an athletic body type. That's why you hardly see runway girls doing television commercials or ads for lifestyle products. It takes a very special type of model to be able to pull off all types of modeling.

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