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Photographer: Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

Model: Staz Lindes @ Re:Quest Model Management, NYC

Special Thanks: Naya Agarrat & Brittany Powell (and Siam the cat)






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Thank you so much for keeping this thread constantly updated. I love this chick, such a beautiful, fresh, and young face.

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Miss KL Beauties: Meet Staz


You may recognize Staz from our “Heads Will Roll” Marie Antoinette lookbook where she rocked it as the sassy former Queen of France while donning plenty of modern Miss KL gear. Imported here from sunny So-Cal, Staz re-visited us at the Miss KL headquarters this week to shoot our Holiday lookbook (coming soon!). We loved having her so much last time, we had to bring her back! Get to know a bit more about this pouty lipped beauty below:

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

You can find me on… Tumblr or Instagram @yostazyo

Favorite Miss KL Brands: UNIF and Motel

Favorite item you’ve worn on a Miss KL shoot: I loved all the Betsey Johnson jewelry, it’s super fun.

If you weren’t modeling right now, you’d be… Sleeping zzz

Dream Job: I just want a campaign – I want billboards and stuff. So…modelling.

Favorite past Halloween costume: Last year I was like the Misfits “Die Die My Darling” [cover artwork] – Half skeleton, half housewife. It was pretty cool.

Favorite photo room music: Reggaeton

Go to item in your closet: I have so many clothes… I really like my Hope boots. I wear those a lot. But it changes all the time.

Describe your style: Pretty boy

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