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Lydie Pages


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Lydie Pages is a French showgirl.

Lydie Pages is a showgirl born on the 15th of April 1987, in Nimes, near the beautiful region of Camargue in the south of France. She has two older brothers and one little sibling of only four years. With her French mother, a medical doctor, and her half-French, half-Spanish father, a sculptor, Lydie has it in her veins the right dosage of real, caliente, Latin blood and French refinement that turns herself irresistible.

Following her mother’s footsteps, Lydie Pages began her studies in medicine, a passion she would not like to renounce not even now when her television engagements have gotten more urgent.

As an occupied woman, Lydie Pages has also found interest in philosophy and foreign language. She speaks French, English, Spanish and obviously Italian, in which she has been putting a lot of effort in improving it. In Italy, where she began as a model, she has been participating in the recent television show, “Cultura Moderna�? (Modern Culture).


Christies lingerie

76549_58810867_123_35lo-156x200.jpg 76551_58810870_123_803lo-150x200.jpg 76562_58810874_123_41lo-141x200.jpg 76570_58810882_123_202lo-150x200.jpg 76571_58810883_123_1058lo-177x200.jpg 76577_58810884_123_559lo-150x200.jpg 76582_58810886_123_762lo-174x200.jpg 76611_58810907_123_206lo-150x200.jpg 76612_58810910_123_260lo-150x200.jpg 76633_58810927_123_905lo-150x200.jpg 76634_58810929_123_149lo-150x200.jpg 76542_58810852_123_547lo-180x135.jpg 76556_58810873_123_115lo-180x125.jpg 76591_58810888_123_217lo-180x117.jpg 76597_58810890_123_421lo-180x120.jpg 76599_58810894_123_993lo-180x121.jpg 76614_58810914_123_430lo-180x130.jpg 76617_58810919_123_578lo-180x120.jpg 76623_58810925_123_475lo-180x141.jpg 76643_58810932_123_79lo-180x126.jpg

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