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I thinks she’s too much of her own “brand” to be in VS. I mean other famous models were famous but started with VS young, or some are VS models for their brand like Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner but they’re not the same. I don’t know. Just my two cents 

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2 hours ago, Memento Mori said:

Weird. I never assumed that "talks about feminism" and "speaks out against sexual assault" meant "must be nice to entertainment media, famously not vultures with no scruples" or you're a hypocrite.


I learn so much here. Thanks!

Well the "entertainment media" plays a large role in her being able to enjoy the success she's having. It's a symbiotic relationship, so being nice to them is especially important for an "influencer" like Emily, particularly at an event like this.

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