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R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

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Alexander McQueen, UK fashion designer, found dead

The fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died, his company has said.

His office confirmed to the BBC that Mr McQueen, 40, was found dead at his London home this morning.

Paramedics called to his home pronounced him dead at the scene. Police said his death was not being treated as suspicious.

A statement said his family were "devastated" at the "tragic news", and added that they shared "a sense of shock and grief".

A former British Designer of the Year winner, Mr McQueen started his career as an apprentice in Savile Row, where he learned how to make jackets at Gieves and Hawkes.

'Shock and grief'

In 1996, the man nicknamed "the hooligan of English fashion", with his close-cropped hair and Doc Martens, was named head designer at the Paris couture house of Givenchy.

A statement released by his office - referring to the designer by his given first name, Lee - read: "On behalf of Lee McQueen's family, Alexander McQueen today announces the tragic news that Lee McQueen, the founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand has been found dead at his home.

"At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee's family.

"Lee's family has asked for privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news and we hope the media will respect this."

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/8511115.stm. It's all here. R.I.P. :(

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Really. Did his friends say this?

CNN updated and said that yesterday his mother passed away and he tweeted about it.

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^ Just 40 :/

Such an unexpected death :( can't believe he commited suicide...

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Just saw this on the news myself, they said he never got over the recent death of his much loved mother, and killed himself.

They are together now. One hopes beyond all.


:no: :cry2:

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Everything I've read so far has been pretty vague. What was the motivation? By what method? Why, why, why. So I think to myself, go to Bellazon and there will be lots of comments, theories and insider knowledge and what do I find? 17 posts with not much news. I find it pretty odd that a message board devoted to fashion cares very little about the people who actually make those fashions.

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there is nothing because for the moment people don't really know if it's a suicide or not. accidents happen. and because of it and respect of his intimity, people won't spend they time to "suppose" theories and won't said gossips about his dead. that's very disrespectful toward him family, friends, fans, associates and Alexander himself.

maybe it's a suicide, maybe not. but if it was there are so many different reasons and people can suppose so many different things that they could know the true only if he wrote a letter and again. + on the interest and gossip magazines we never know. a bullsh*t could be sell by X person more motivate by money than idea of truth and a lot of bad things could be said because of it. by the way this is not because he was a famous person than him and/or his entourage would appreciate to share his despairs with the whole population of earth. w

hen there is a suicide that often (not all the time) because people felt they were alone and kept everything for themself. and Alexander McQueen was the kind of famous guy, and not because he made a tv reality but because he was a talenous artist and maybe also a good business man. someone like this can only attract people and not only the horrible, stupid and interested ones.

so if nobody around him has been able to save him and maybe really notice his pains maybe it was because it disturbed him to talk about him and share his intimacy.

so maybe he wouldn't appreciate to see the whole fashion planet talk about his relationship, his behaviors, his intimacy. so the best that we can do when we don't know, is avoid to do it.

decency is the best way to respect his memory. and even if he wasn't a great fashion designer, this news sould be sad.

by the way, as you can notice, this thread is in the general talk... now the general talk is private and in the forum "content" you just can see the last active thread. and only 30, maybe 40 persons (i don't think more... but maybe less. this place is not really friendly particularly to strangers unfortunately) come regularly in the general talk.

so of course there is only 17 replies and bellazon members are not really interested by fashion...

anyway Alexander, rest in peace.

Fred, i love your video :)

love this one too. he was an huge fan of my favorite photographer Joel Peter Witkin and one of his photographs has inspired him for one of his runaway.

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