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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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Sara Is about 5'8, she've always been very open about her height. However, It's not a new that agency's and company's lie about models heights. Stella for example Is the exact same height as Sara (who Isn't even 5'9) and they say she's 5'10  :idk:


IiGjatMj.jpg  qGx8lseH.jpg

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I stood next to Sara at the SI event and I'm 5'10 flat-footed, she was also bare footed and couldn't of been more then 5'7 1/2 to 5'8.

My friends daughter Cassie is exactly 5'7 and when she hugged Sara they were almost the same height with Sara barely bending at the knees.

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Stella is around 5'10-11

That's Romee's height and Stella still looks shorter. There's a reson why Stella and Sara barely do runway. I'm pretty sure in reality Stella's about 5'8, max 5'9. Anyways...Stella photographs beautifully and that's what matters, not her height.


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