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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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Erin and Lindsay don't look like.

they are like the new alessandra and izabel i remember when people use to say that they look like, and can't tell them apart. I do agree with ale and iza look like, but i could tell them apart.

I remember when miranda started modelling for them they use to say the she look like the mini adriana. they are so different.

then people start saying miranda and rosie look like, they don't look like at all.

then candice started modelling for them they started saying she look like miranda and rosie, I kind off agree with candice and miranda looking like they could pass as cousin. but candice and rosie do not look like at all.

people would say emanuela and gracie look like too. I don't think they look like.

people always have to find a look like.

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Alessandra Ambrosio- overrated as fuck. so skinny you can see her ribs- which ain't attractive && her face is draggish.

Ana BB- overated. looks like crap without all that photoshop but has a good body.

Candice Swanepoel- cute smile, lovely eyes and hair- very cute.

Emanuela De Paula- effing stunning- i'd go lesbian for her.

Marisa Miller- As Limerlight would say... she's "tits on a stick" and her face is looking haggered with all that sun.

Miranda Kerr- cute, love her dimples and always makes the vs runway a better place.

Erin Heatherton- Pretty but one of the most average-looking models ive ever seen.

Lindsay Ellingson- doe.eyed beauty who i think would do much better in the high fashion world.

Doutzen Kroes - just :heart:

Adriana Lima- well she's a godess. even if her smile is crooked.

Rosie Huntington- pretty && sexy. her lips urk me sometimes though.

Lily Aldridge- Pretty but would do better in the high fashion world and i dont like her smile .

but like SympathySillouhete said- all of them are pretty (except alessandra- im sorry) but some are way better then others.

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Ok :D

Adriana Lima: has an awful smile, and abuse of the expressions she makes, however, is drop-dead gorgeous, has a skin and beautiful eyes and a super sexy body :heart:

Doutzen: is cute :blush: has a sweet face, but I do not like her body, only the big ass lol :drool: :D

Alessandra: I like their expressions, are sensual, but I think it's very thin. :/

Ana Beatriz Barros: beautiful face and body :heart:

But i do not like her smile or voice :x

Izabel: nothing special :(

Isabeli: Very sexy, is the model I like more to see in victoria secret runway :wub:

Lindsay: nothing special. I also get confused with Enrin, I think she's prettier than Enrin, but I prefer the body of Enrin

Candice: a sexy woman, :drool: beautiful body, hair, and I like his face, though his nose is not the most perfect and has an ugly smile

Miranda: It has a cute face but nothing else :whistle:

Marisa: has a fantastic body, but not like her face, and looks older

Heidi: Another with a nice body but her face has a simple ...

Rosie Huntington: I think she's cute, like hair and thick lips, I think it's sexy and has a good body, but she is not one of my favorites

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o.0 This thread makes my head hurt.. Claws.. sandbox.. opposite sides.. Let's stop with the "opinions" and just sit back and wait. I think by this point we all know what each other thinks about certain models, no need to rehash shitty opinions.

I have never agreed with you more. (Y)

Baron, you always get to the point :rofl:

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Which is funny because I find all 5 of them awful, and would be rather pleased with them gone. :rofl:

*negative comment ftw!*

It just goes to show that no matter what VS does, they can't ever make all of us happy. :p

Erin and Lindsay don't look like.

they are like the new alessandra and izabel i remember when people use to say that they look like, and can't tell them apart. I do agree with ale and iza look like, but i could tell them apart.

To me they look alike. I can still tell them apart, but from a distance or from the back it may be harder to. I agree that Ale and Izabel look alike also, but I can tell them apart too. The only two models who I think look like they could be fraternal twins would be Izabel and Isabeli. I still have problems figuting out who's who. :blink:

Pretty much everyone (including myself) in the last couple pages:
"Every model I don't like sucks, and every model I do like is fabulous and perfect for VS because (insert random subjective (often poetic) ass reference here)."



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LOL. well it is pribably cause i dislike the other 2's faces.

But we are all allowed an opinion dear ^ yours is not right,nor is mine.

I don't remember saying you were wrong *looks for said statement... can't find it!* and I didn't say you weren't entitled to your opinion, I just figured that you would say that. It's called inference. :magic:

Here let's try another one:

If you put Adriana Lima and Ana BB in a picture together... who do you think I would find more attractive?

If you answered Ana BB, then you're right!


Because EVERYONE is aware of my taste, so they can guess pretty accurately. Just like I guessed for you.

No need to be snippy, hun. :flower:

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