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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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Gigi Hadid is shooting VS Pink right now


YES finally!! Where did you see this btw? I checked her thread and nada.


And lol at Monica Mitro vs. MJ Day


I've always thought that the SI swimsuit issue is basically a glorified VS swim catalogue. Smart of VS to jump on that chance to capitalize on what works for SI.

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The photographer for Pink just posted some pictures of Gigi on set.

Im surprised VS is working with her but i like her a lot and i think she's the perfect Pink girl


Could you link us please? I wanna see!


Gigi and Taylor Hill would be perfect as a PINK pair! VS can already fire that Rachel Elsa-knockoff chick.

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And also, Gigi has an undeniably perfect social media presence. She has a pretty large following, mostly consisting of girls in PINK's target demographic (very much thanks to Cody Simpson...). Plus she's very well spoken and humble. she's literally perfect for PINK. I'm shocked VS has taken this long. I hope they use her as a main PINK girl for at least two years, and then let her transition to mainline.


She has definitely proven herself as a worthy model, and has had tons of prestigious HF work (Tom Ford campaign, Pirelli Calendar, Carine Roitfeld cover, etc). I also think it's very likely that she will become a Sports Illustrated cover girl too, so combine that and boom! Major star power!

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