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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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So for the first time in a long time VS is actually rolling a campaign that makes sense: A contracted model who was pregnant for Mother's Day. I hope they also include the rest of the moms in the campaign, it would be a nice touch.


Congrats to Grace on her pregnancy, and kuddos to the entire team on this it's a pretty simple yet beautiful and sweet picture and concept.



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I didn't know Grace had a baby, congratulations to her.  I had no idea that was Grace in that picture until I read the name though. She doesn't look like she gained much weight aside from the baby, so I can't put my finger on why she looks so different? Still gorgeous of course. 


I love seeing Josie C work with VS, but she should be in mainline. I think PINK has some cute stuff, so I don't hate it (wouldn't wear it though), but she is too mature for PINK ..



I have always loved VS Swim and that's what got me into VS as a whole. I love the opening of the Swim video because of the swimming underwater, I  just love that. Not a fan of Taylor though, wish they had used Barbara or Candice. Jill looks just like Taylor ew, why do we need them both? One of them is too many IMO.  I like Paloma a lot! Hope to see more of her, but I'd still rather see Angels (if they even have any anymore)

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1 minute ago, Prettyphile said:

@bump - You've been vindicated by the model herself LOL - It is no longer a meme, it is facts.



I am so glad you remembered how we talked about how they look identical!!!! I don't follow Sara, so I would've never seen this. omfg I'm laughing so hard I actually have tiny tears in my eyes  🤣


I can't believe SARA actually posted that... I feel like I'm on drugs and tripping my brains out. 

I knew you and I weren't the only ones to see how much she looks like John Travolta. 

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22 hours ago, CandleVixen said:

SaraJohn looks fantastic! Great laugh! 

It fits so perfectly! I'm glad to see someone else (especially you because I really like you) think this is funny and aren't upset that we're (even Sara herself) are comparing her to John Travolta. He was a good looking dude in his day! 

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Damn I just saw the candids of Irina shooting for VS and she looks great, I'm just surprised she's doing lingerie for them now. Love it though, this was long overdue... And maybe having a model who is actually relevant will help VS a bit as well. 

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