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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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On 11/17/2020 at 11:20 PM, CandleVixen said:

How very meh this year. 

omg exactly. it's so boring.


The male model is interesting. I don't like it because I want VS to stay the same (I know I know, it can't and won't bc business has to change with the times), but he is cute. At least they didn't pick some fugly model like they have been with their female models. Good for him 

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3 hours ago, claudiawilliams said:

these are from 2016, right? i miss those days too. now you can't tell the difference between pink and the mainline...

Right!! I went into VS last night to find something sexy (ended up getting the picture I've linked here), and they only had 2 choices; the one I bought that I actually love, and another one that was really pretty, but that was all! EVerything else looked like PINK bras on the VS side of the store. PINK actually has cuter and sexier stuff now than VS. They should just leep PINK open if that's what this is going to be like.

 403108093_OM_F.jpg Now I like it even more since I see that Candice modeled it! 


14 hours ago, CandleVixen said:

He is that. 
How is his white wall more alive than all the girls?


@PinkCouture I like that tote.

His white wall are good! I like his energy. 


@GlitterAndWings Josephine is so cute and I love her modeling, even what she does for VS (I find VS messes up a lot of models I like somehow). I miss those days, too. 

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17 hours ago, claudiawilliams said:


i think this is new? it's not like old commercials but at least she's acting sexy and not like a 15 years old. i like it tbh 


I’m not sure if it is new or just new to us. 

Miss Georgina looks great! She’s got a good smolder look.

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