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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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It's great to see pictures and videos on this page again! thanks to all those who are posting content as well as those discussing it! 


Not excited for Helena or Daniela. Never liked them even when they were younger, and I don't think either aged well. 

I wish Lais, Stella, and Sara were gone. I miss Candice and Elsa.

I don't have high hopes for the campaign, but I'll keep an open mind.

Barbara's new pictures are lovely! I love when VS pictures have style, background, and props, as well as using my favorite Angel. 

I wish we had the VSFS to discuss, even if it was going really downhill in the last few years. 


They have so many random models. I don't know who more than half the VS IG models are and it's annoying (only because I'm a fan and I like to ID models) and I don't really like any of the ones they've been using. 




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i just watched the etam fashion show and it made me think (again) about the vsfs. it's pretty clear that we won't have a show this year, but i think covid is an excuse even though i think fashion shows shouldn't be happening tbh. either way, i think they could have a show this year hiring less models and giving more outfits (3 or even 4 idk) to the angels and maybe no public? also, if the main problem is $$, which i think it is, they could have a show like etam's but not that cheap if you know what i mean lol


but honestly, i think the vsfs is dead forever 

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Elsa’s definitely out. She hasn’t done VS stuff in ages, and hasn’t been included in any new content or campaigns.

I’d say it’s likely Candice is also out but she’s had a very loose contract her last few years so it’s hard to say with certainty. 

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Thanks for all the posts @Bettina Saw-Morgan! While I'm not a fan of Helena or Daniela, I think it's cool they're back. I wonder if they ever thought they'd be shooting for the company that made them famous again? I never cared for any of the early Angels, so I'm not suprised I don't like them, but I'm happy for them because they have to be having so much fun! 


I am glad we all have something to discuss again, if I don't care for some of the models being used and I have no hopes that the Christmas campaign will be any good, I'm still excited to see the pictures and videos and what you all think about it. Hopefully VS will surprise me with something good. As long as Barbara is in it, I'll be interested. I hope Grace shoots are well. What about Leomie? I think she's still with VS, but I feel like she never works for them? Maybe it's just me not paying enough attention lol


I know this is old and random, but I finally found some pictures of Kate Li when she shot with PINK from either 2016 or 2018. I wonder why they never used her? I know she tried out for the VSFS 2018 and got to attend callbacks, but they never used her again for shoots or for the show. I think she is drop dead gorgeous. Any one else have opinions on her for PINK? I'm curious to see what you guys think of her for PINK. 


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