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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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On 10/22/2019 at 4:05 PM, Dipit said:

-rises from lurk slumber-

Imho, it doesn't look bad. Do a very simple look like that and throw on ears/a mask? Could be cute.


That's true, but you generally would add the accessories to make it "Halloween" versus just putting up black lingerie and calling it a day. That's just lazy marketing.

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@MarVS oh wow! Hannah is super pretty. I've seen a few of her pictures and I thought she looked great, but she was a lot younger then and I didn't quite think she fit VS at that point. Based off what you posted above, I would say she looks better than most of the Angels. 

I keep forgetting Barbara, Grace, and Leomie are Angels. I wish they were having a show this year so I could see Barbara walk again. dammit VS. 

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6 hours ago, ThePinkDiet said:

Man, I do really miss the madness of this time of the year where we get like super obsessed and crazy about finding out details about the show.


Same! I miss coming from work and getting on here to many missed pages. 

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I feel the same way about this time of year and us not having the show to gossip about. I'm going to miss reading through the VSFS thread. I'll probably just go back trhough and read old ones because I LOVED seeing the progression of models, outfits, and all the information being found out. It was like playing a guessing game and it was a lot of fun. 

I hope VS brings back teh VSFS next year! I just hope they fix the issues because I do think they need to revamp, especially in the music department. They had such horrible choices for music the last few years (although I liked Harry Styles, and I had never heard his stuff before the show. I really enjoyed him in the Punk segment). 

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Sorry for the double post, but I have a question. 

I was reading on Wikipedia (yes, I know anyone can edit it and it's not always trustworthy) and it said that Jessica Stam and Jessica Hart were contracted PINK spokesmodels. 

Does anyone know anything about this?


It has Behati, Miranda, Alessandra, Elsa, Rachel, Zuri, Maggie, and Grace listed and I know that they were the PINK Angels, but I didn't know the Jessicas were. Could they have just had a contract but not been the main face of PINK? I've never seen anyone mention Stam or Hart being a PINK spokesmodel and I found it weird. 

It says Zuri and Maggie are still PINK Angels, so I doubt this Wiki page is right but I still figured I'd post it and see what you guys thought. 



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