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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread


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On the Erin H Topic: 

Financial problems aside, I always got a sort of sad/insecure vibe about her. Even in her early VS days as an angel she always seemed to be fighting some personal demons behind closed doors. I remember her doing an interview at some VS launch with the other angels and when she was being interviewed she was practically holding back tears while discussing how she wanted to be a good role model and to uplift other young girls and for them to not let the industry get to them and to above all love yourself. The modeling industry can be toxic and you have to have a really strong mindset, confidence, support system, est for the industry to not get to you. I think like a lot of women/girls Erin was probably dealing with insecurities maybe even depression and fell victim to the modeling industry. And her working with VS probably didn't make things better. All things said and done I hope she finds peace mentally, physically, and emotionally and gets her financial problems in order and finds a good/different career for herself.


New Angels: I love Leomie her energy and confidence has always been A1, I always wanted Barbara to become an angel but I low key feel like her opportunity to really be VS's "It Girl Angel" like Adriana and Candice has passed, I never really been on the Grace hype train but she seems promising, and Alexinia I'm 50/50 with right now. 

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Don’t know if this was posted or not but Lais looking fine AF in the new Afrojack video clip. Her body is just insane. The vibrant red looks so good on her and she’s in the whole video as the star. Good for her getting so much work.



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