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The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

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Just went through all of the Swim and found quite a few I would purchase, but they don't have my size. Guess I'll continue to wear the same one I purchased back in 2017 before they got rid of it.


I feel like they went BACKWARDS with the sizing. They had it 100% perfect the first time. 

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3 minutes ago, freevsangel said:

So... with how many brands VS is collaborating with?



15, and then their own VS branded swim. They’re honestly not collabs. They’re just acting as a stockist for these other brands. 

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6 hours ago, camomille said:

Why would I buy other brands through VS if I can also buy them somewhere else? I wish they’d just come out with more styles of their own (and not those ugly prints) instead of selling other brands’ already existing swimwear


I honestly didn't know a lot of the brands before this, out of 15 I may have known maybe 7 so VS is giving them free exposure, also I'm not sure if all the brands are sold in the US, some may be foreign brands that want to dip in the US market and VS will open the doors for them. It's a win-win for everyone, low risks on both parts with potential profits, a lot of pieces are already sold out.


This would also explain the sizing issue, if a swimsuit from say, Seafolly only comes in sizes S, M & L that's not VS fault :idk: you can blame VS for size issues in their own brand swimsuits but there's not much you can do for the third party stuff, and IIRC VS Swim used to offer the same swimsuit sizes as they do in lingerie, I haven't checked yet but I guess I'll be fucked if they don't carry XS anymore 

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Loved so many styles of swim! ugh but couldn't get my hands on them bc I'm moving to a different country and shipping is going to take more time 


Hope to catch some of the new drops!

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