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Where did the FAST REPLY button go?


Where did the FAST REPLY button go?  

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  1. 1. Where did the FAST REPLY button go?

    • what re you talking about you retard?
    • the mod squad is denying us the pleasures of FAST REPLY
    • Bunny stole it
    • God is angry! Beware his wrath!
    • pip
    • Some Coalition member destroyed it

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Aren't we witty today? :laugh:

Metal Slug Rules!!! :p

I see the gods (mods or whatever you want to call them) have been nice to us commoners and have seen our sufferring. We must worship them and give them sacrifices of cookies. Wait! cookies won't be enough... we must add milk to keep the gods happy...

*looks in fridge*

I see the milk, but where'd the cookie dough go...?! :blink:

meanwhile, halfway across town...


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it died...we killed it  :evil:

it was automatically subscribing people to receive emails when there was a new post in that thread...which got to be annoying


then turn it off.


um yeah and when u use it again it resubscribes u...which means u have to constantly turn it off, which is ... say it with me now... ANNOYING


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ok, lets try this again.

I was able to turn it off permanently.




ok apparently i am not being clear enough for u. i have my control panel set so that i dont receive email notifications. i have had it set that way for months now...however, this does not stop the fast reply problem. at least it doesnt for me because if i forget to uncheck the little "email notification" box when i use fast reply i will start getting annoying emails. i thought it was clear from the fact that capt removed it temporarily that there is a glitch with fast reply and if it were just about shutting off the topic subscription feature, capt wouldnt have touched it.

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Thanks for making it clear to me. That's what a mod should do.

Also, if you want to know the solution to your problem, than go and read that post again. Carefully.

I try to make it clear for everyone, because I know how annoying it is to:

- receive these notifications,

- not being able to use fast reply.

Try this:

put a tick before Enable 'Email Notification' by default

Yes, turn it ON.


set it to 'No email notification.'

Report back.



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