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Elle MacPherson

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My own scans of some of Elle's SI work from the early 1990's

The years of the issues are on the file names.

SIDC = Sports Illustrated Desk Calendar

SIMag = Sport Illustrated Magazine swimsuit issue











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Thanks for the SI scans Holly_D! If you can provide more, they would be appreciated. :wave:

Um well, these are all of the Elle images I have. But I got a lot of Vendela Kiresbom as she appeared in a lot of pages back then. But those scans were done when I first got my scanner. A Vendela thread has just opened here, I want to post those images, but first I'll go back over them and apply some of my image fixing skills to them.

Hey actually I've just remembered some more I have . . .

TV caps

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These images are TV caps of what was Elle's first break through in Australia.

She was a little known model until she did this ad for TAB cola.

"Have you seen the girl in the TAB ad? Wow!" everyone wanted to see more.

That's where it all started . . . history lesson for you.

I know the images look a bit murky. But this was an ad back in the earlyish 1980's. I capped these off 1080i HD and spent some time cleaning them up, so this is as good as they'll get.






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Hi All

Just wanted to add a scan I just did. First time I tried scanning an image, so feedback is welcome on the image. Otherwise enjoy :-)


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